eStar at WCA 2015: "Team Liquid has a deep understanding of the game and Hero strength"

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The player room was totally packed and everywhere you turned people were talking or playing with heroes. I had an opportunity to grab eStar's Tiger and Tummi and, with the help of an extremely patient translator, were able to ask them questions about the tournament and their play style. eStar is a very young team, so these teenagers seemed thrilled at the prospect of being interviewed at such a large tournament:

Who is toughest team here and why?

Tiger: MVP Black and Team Asia Star Dust

The reason they are so strong?

Tiger: In Korea, computer games have a very strong culture, so they have an extremely professional attitude. They work very hard.  We still have lots we can learn from Korean

How did you prepare for this tournament

Tiger: We actually had some competition before this tournament, so we didn’t have much time to prepare.

Who do you think are the strongest heroes right now?

Tumi: Different people have different ideas, so I can’t really say who is the most powerful

Tiger: I think Muradin- he can control the pace of the game and has many stuns. He is very flexible and is good in nearly every situation. Very strong and hard to kill while still doing tons of damage.

What style of play is eStar most known for?

Tumi: We are more aggressive and we always try to attack first. Our style of play is reactive and we prefer to initiate a fight, rather than defend. 

So what teams other than Korean ones are you worried about?

Tiger: Well, we really just think Korea is by far the most powerful.

But what about Team Liquid? They seemed to easily defeat MVP Black.

Tumi: Yes, Team Liquid has a deep understanding of the game and Hero strength. They pay very close attention to these details and were able to counter MVP black. Their strong knowledge of the game is their only defense against MVP Black's insane level of mechanics.

A solemn looking eStar.

Who is your shot caller and how does he plan on approaching Team Liquid?

Tumi: Xia0t Is our shot caller and he is very aggressive and experienced. He brings this knowledge of multiple game states to know the correct move and we think that will help us against Team Liquid.

What is the specific thing you have to do in order to defeat Korean teams?

Tiger: The Koreans can get really punish mistakes and finds perfect opportunities to attack. When MVP black makes a mistake, it’s very hard to punish them. Our biggest weakness is recovering from a mistake. This combined with MVP blacks incredible ability to punish us makes it easy to lose. We must improve this.

Anything to say to your western fans?

Tiger: Thank you so much for supporting us, we did not know we had American fans. If we would give them any advice, it would be to work very hard and keep getting better.

Any last thoughts on the new hero, Lunara? 

Tumi: We do not think she is very strong and as a ranged assassin, there are simply other heroes that are more valuable.

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