G2.Kinguin Nicker talks ESL Major League Win

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G2.Kinguin's Nicker did all the little things right and propelled his team towards it's first major tournamanet win.  We interviewed Nicker after his performance to get his thoughts on the Heroes he plays, his roles, and G2.Kinguin's victory.


Nicker's Valla Strafes in from top and dives deep to finish the kill

You played three different heroes in the finals, Valla, Tyreal and Jaina how would you define your role on the team?

I am flexible player for G2.Kinguin which means I have to play anything we need at the moment. I have to play assassins, tanks and specialists. I feel good with each one of them but I a little bit prefer dealing damage than tanking.


Nicker blocks the enemy from gaining vaulable experience

In game two you played Tyreal, and did well with delays and body blocking, is it hard transitioning from a ranged assassin to a bruiser and then back again, or is Tyreal a character you’re very comfortable with?

It's not easy to switch from backlane to frontlane. You have to change your whole gameplay drastically but we were playing like that for a while and I get used to it already. I think Tyrael is my one of favourite tanks and I feel very comfortable with that pick.


Kerrigan and Jaina turn the fight around in what still ended up being a losing effort in game three

In Game 3 with Jaina you tried to kill Kharazim, even using your water elemental before he was able to pop Divine Palm and live. What are the hardest targets to deal with as a Jaina?

I don't think there is a really hard target for Jaina if your team backs you up. You can't deal with all targets on your own and sometimes you need help to do your job. Kharazim is a little bit tricky target though, or any target with Kharazim on the enemy team. You can either unleash everything and hope that Divine Palm will be late, or you can slow down in the end and wait for statis disappear. It's far better if you can burst target down before stasis, sometimes it works and you probably win a teamfight immediately. Worth a try!

Game Three was rough, with Roccat taking terror after terror; where did it go wrong for G2?

We were supposed to win with our 4-man rotations but we failed our positions. We fell behind a lot and we couldn't comeback. I think after the first night we were aware that it's really bad and we will probably lose that game. Roccat took the lead and abused that as they should do.


Jaina and Kerrigan initiate the final fight on the way to a G2.Kinguin victory.

In game four, you played Jaina teamed with a Kerrigan and had great success. What Heroes synergize best with Jaina?

I believe Jaina fits almost every team composition, that's why she is usually first pick. You can take Jaina+Abathur for double Jaina combo. You can pick her with any pick-up composition or burst comp and you can play her like just any other damage dealer. Jaina is tier 1!

After that huge teamfight when you had essentially won the game; what was going through your head?

It was a strange feeling I think. We weren't happy. We felt relief. We finally took first place in Major tournament. And it's not about only that. We were second already in almost every cup, and at ESL Major Leagues, we were always one teamfight from being best team in the season. It was really annoying and a little bit demotivating for us, that we couldn't reach first place where we should have.

What is next for you and G2.Kinguin?

At the moment we are taking part in OGSeries and we prepare for World Cyber Arena Open Qualifiers. I hope we can bring some good games for WCA Qualifier and take part in the LAN finals.

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How to deal with Kharazim?

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