The Trinity Series knot ties, five teams at 3-2

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 17 February 2017 11:56

Current leaders G2 Esports are only ahead because of good tiebreaker score.

If there were clear winners and losers coming into the league’s half point, that is no longer the case. All of G2, Liquid, compLexity, Tempo Storm and Luminosity are at a score of 3-2 with two more weeks of competition to go.

At +8 game score, G2 are in the forefront, largely thanks to their 6-0 sweep in the opening day of the tournament, but the runner-ups from Luminosity Gaming aren’t far behind at +5. In spite of the 4-6 loss to G2 last week, LG managed to maintain their top two position due to both G2 and compLexity losing in week five, which in turn allowed the rise of Tempo Storm and Team Liquid towards the top half of the bracket.

The five-way tie is the best news teams like Alliance, and especially Cloud9 will likely get in the coming weeks, as this theoretically keeps them in the fight. and Alliance have been recovering from their early week flops and are now at 2-3, but especially are still showing signs of vulnerability. Their latest match against Cloud9 almost saw the bears reverse-swept by TidesofTime’s N’Zoth Reno Rogue and VP will have to do much better in the last remaining weeks if they even want to contest the top four.

The same is even more true for Cloud9 which are last in the standings at 1-4 and -6. While that’s still not enough to mathematically eliminate the team, the task of recovery is near impossible and hinges on C9 winning their next two matches in dominant fashion—though their only victory in the league so far came after full eleven games—and the mid-table teams such as compLexity, Tempo Storm and Liquid with a big negative. If Cloud9 are to make a miraculous comeback, their next is their best bet as they’re playing Alliance (2-3), who’ve also notoriously struggled to put on a record that matches their roster‘s individual results.


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