Six new Gadgetzan cards show Jade Lotus’ tribal mechanic

Hearthstone Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

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It’s about summoning a scaling Jade Golem.

Each of the tri-class factions in Gadgetzan shares some common mechanic. The Grimy Goons, a union of Hunters, Warriors and Paladins, work together to buff minions in the hand and drop them bigger on the battlefield. For the Kabal of Mages, Priests and Warlocks, potions were used as the central topic of design.

But what about the Jade Lotus, the guild of assassins made up of Druids, Shamans and Rogues? What do these three classes even have in common?

The week of the Jade Lotus began with a big batch of card reveals answering that exact question: It’s summoning a scaling minion called Jade Golem. Each time a card summons a Jade Golem, it will arrive with +1/+1 stats and +1 mana compared to the last one.

Consequently, a lot of the cards shown on Hearthstone’s official website or popular streams were tied to the Jade Golem mechanic, including Jade Spirit, Jade Shuriken, Jade Lightning and the Lotus boss herself, Aya Blackpaw.

With the latest batch of reveals, the counter for Gadgetzan is set on 85/132 cards shown. At least four more Jade Lotus cards will be shown before the end of the week, plus potentially a bonus one if the endorse campaign reaches 100%.




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