Qualifiers for the $62,000 WEC begin tomorrow with Kolento, Ek0p, Rdu, Savjz and more

Hearthstone Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

Savjz (center) will try to go back on a winning streak in his first tournament appearance since DreamHack Summer

After IEM Shenzhen and DreamHack Valencia last week, Hearthstone fans should get ready for more high-stakes competition. Starting this Friday, eight of the best European players will fight for a spot in the $62,000 WEC Hearthstone world cup in September.

Tournament qualifiers often run an open-style format to give everyone a fair chance but for the two western qualifiers, WEC have decided to go the invitational route. For the European and North American qualifiers, the newly-established brand have reached out to select players, inviting them to compete over two consecutive weekends.

According to Hearth2P representatives - the organization responsible for running the qualifiers - the sixteen players have been chosen after consulting the pro player population as well as the GosuRankings. The chosen will undergo a gruesome double elimination culling, scheduled for July 25-27 for Europe and August 1-3 for North America. The invited names are:

Player Regional
Player Regional
Germany Ek0p #2 Hong Kong Amaz #1*
Netherlands ThijsNL #3 United States Firebat #9
Ukraine Kolento #7 United States StrifeCro #1
Sweden Darkwonyx #16 United States Reynad #13
Poland Gnimsh #9 United States Alchemixt #5
Sweden Semijew #14 United States Realz #6
Romania Rdu #1 United States TidesofTime #2
Finland Savjz #5 United States Brad #4

* Amaz falls under Asia georankings 

Yesterday, Hearth2P also revealed the brackets for the two tournaments. The EU matches are expected to start tomorrow at 18:00 CET while the North American ones will come next Friday at 23:00 CET. You can click on each pairing to get match information and place your GosuBets.