DPC 2021 Season 1; Alliance take a big win to secure Major dreams

Dota 2 Cristy “Pandoradota2” Ramadani

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Alliance overwhelmed Team Liquid 2:1 in a  crucial series, securing their Singapore Major placement. 

One man's garbage is another man's treasure..... or in this case, one team's loss. 

It was a thrilling series between Alliance and ex-Alliance (Team Liquid) as they both fought for Major dreams. 

Alliance secured a heavily one-sided victory to kick off the series. Nikolay "Nikobaby" Nikolov and Linus "Limmp" Blomdin were flawless, frenzied, and bloodthirsty.

Team Liquid struck back, taking a surprise last pick Broodmother that ended up being a perfect strategy to tie up the series. 

With everything on the line, the third game was as exciting as all fans hoped for. Neck and neck for over 20 minutes, clutch game plays by Limmp and Niko thrust Alliance into the lead for the game and series win. 

Alliance's win seeds them into the Singapore Major group stage. It also pushed Team Nigma into one of the two Wild Card spots. The last Wild Card spot is still up for grabs with Liquid, Tundra Esports and OG still hopeful of securing it. 

Be sure to catch the last scheduled game of the DPC 2021 Season 1 groups. 

February 24th 

  • OG vs Team Secret 18 CET

Upper Division Standings (week 6)


1. Team Secret 6-0 12-2
2. Alliance 5-2 12-7
3. Team Nigma 4-3 10-8
3. OG 3-3 8-8
5. Tundra Esports 3-4 9-9
6. Team Liquid 3-4 8-9
7. Vikin.gg 2-5 6-12
8. High Coast Esports 1-5 3-10


Major Slots

At the end of the league, the top teams from each region’s upper-division will qualify to the Major. For the first major, the distribution of the 18 slots will be as follows:

EU: Top 4 (2 to wildcard)
China: Top 4 (2 to wildcard)
SEA: Top 3 (1 to wildcard)
CIS: Top 3 (1 to wildcard)
NA: Top 2
SA: Top 2

Singapore Major Format

  • Teams
    • Majors feature 18 teams from among the six regions
  • Wild Card
    • Six teams
    • Bo2 round robin
    • Top two teams advance to the Group Stage
    • Bottom four teams are eliminated
  • Group Stage
    • Eight teams
    • Bo2 round robin
    • Top two teams advance to the Upper Bracket of the Playoffs
    • 3rd to 6th placed teams advance to the Lower Bracket of the Playoffs
    • Bottom two teams are eliminated
  • Playoffs
    • Twelve teams, Double Elimination bracket
    • Four teams start in the Lower Bracket
    • Eight teams start in the Upper Bracket

Singapore Major Prize Pool and DPC Point Distribution 

Majors award $500,000 USD and 2,700 DPC points among the top eight teams as follows:

Place Prize DPC Pts
1 $200,000  500
2 $100,000  450
3 $75,000  400
4 $50,000 350
5-6 $25,000 300
7-8 $12,500 200

Head over to our Hub for match info and our One Stop Shop; DPC 2021 Season 1 guide to get all the info on what is to come in the last week and how the upper divisions faired by the halfway point HERE.


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