Czech Republic, Serbia and Turkey to represent Europe at IESF World Championship 2020

Dota 2 Cristy “Pandoradota2” Ramadani

The European Qualifiers for IESF World Championship 2020 has come to an end with three nations set to represent the region at the big event. 

Czech Rep, Serbia, and Turkey have come out on top of the European Qualifiers for IESF World Championship 2020 and will be heading to Eilat, Israel in February to compete against seven other teams from around the world. 

So far the participating countries include the Czech Republic, Serbia, Turkey, Nepal, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, and Nambia. Representatives for East Asia, North America and South America are still to be determined. 

Although this is the event's 12 iteration, it is only the third time that Dota 2 will be hosted. The event will take place February 13-14th at IceMall Arena in Eilat, Israel. The venue is a mall with an Olympic skating rink and various attractions and amusement activities. 

The International Esports Federation is an international organization based in South Korea consisting of international e-sports organizations that aim to get e-sports recognized as a legitimate sport.  The same event also features competitions for eFootball PES, Tekken, and Dota 2.

More details can be found at the IeSF website HERE as well as on their official Twitter account HERE.


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