Outcry against Chongqing Major heats up

Dota 2 Cristy “Pandoradota2” Ramadani

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As Valve has still remained silent on the situation regarding the Chongqing Major and Kuku "Kuku" Palad, the community has started to pick up the pace speaking out against it. 

Last month during the DreamLeague Season 10 Minor Andrei 'Skem' Gabriel Ong made a racial slur in the chat before an official match verses RNG. Around the same time, Kuku "Kuku" Palad had also made a similar remark in pubs, further fueling the fire.  The Chinese community lashed back and things escalated to a point where the local government has issued a refusal for Kuku to attend the event. 

While the local government can not issue an actual BAN for him or TNC to participate in the event, they have informed TNC that they do not plan on letting him into the city or potentially canceling the event if he were to attend. 

The most concerning piece of this thread is in regards to both that a player's safety is at stake and that the government is allegedly threatening to cancel an event, if he participates. 

TNC qualified for the event last week and will now have a difficult choice to make as DPC points are on the line towards an invite to TI9. Since the remark and outcry, TNC has issued a public apology and disciplinary action that includes 50% of Kuku's winnings to be donated to The International Movement Against All Forms of Discrimination and Racism (IMADR). 

While Valve has so far remained silent on the issue, community members have started to speak up on social media. 

In the past Valve did revoke the major status of Galaxy Battles after players complained about the tournament organizer's issues regarding personal privacy and other concerns. TI9 is also scheduled to be held in China, raising concerns from the community about the power of the government to ban certain players from the event. 


Do you think that the Chinese local government's reaction is justified?

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No, this is out of control. Where is Valve?
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  • Dedede "Dendi.Magiba" aaaaa! ,
    uhmm.. okay ill be first to take comment lol. this is just a self thought. yeah racism is bad as fack, we all know that. its not acceptable in any ways. but SEA pub is always like that. thats what the server been called for ages now right? Sea Cancers, worst server ever. where all taboos are there lol. blaming, fxing, trashtalking, name calling. anything that will ruin your game. its on the SEA server. and btw. trashtalking has been in many games since who knows when its started. everyone trashtalk, everyone defile other enemy players (sometimes own teamates). also what Kuku said on that pub game is what some players says in pubs. its just part of trashtalking. CHINGCHONG for chinese, INDOGS for Indonesians, PEENOISE for filipinos. we all know PEENOISE has been a trashtalking insult for the filipinos everywhere in dota servers. everyone use PEENOISE. everyone use INDOGS. thus we as also a filipino, we did not take it seriously. because we know its just a way for trashtalking. i also use PEENOISE when i see some of my countrymen on a match. whether he is on my side or the enemy side. those type of trashtalking BELONGS IN A GAME. it insult anyone IN A GAME. so why do the local government of the said country, or some of the community took it seriously? we didnt file some players punishment when they use PEENOISE on some philippine pro players, Indonesians didnt file punishment when some of their players been called INDOGS. sometimes were proud when other players use PUTANG INA MO as a trashtalk because its really a trashtalk.
    • "beishushu" ,
      ChingChong to Chinese is like Nigga to black,it is much worse than the trashtalking which you mentioned ,next time try to talk the N word to a black people then you'll find out what's gonna happening .
  • Aisen "luffyFANboy" Liu ,
    just sub him, problem solved. young kids nowadays needs to pay a price for things they say and do on the internet as it affects many others. you might think its a joke where as others may take it seriously, it all depends on the race and tradition within that country, u just gotta respect it. like complexity kicked Skem right away didn't they? those that wants to stand up for him will go down with him (cough grant cough bulldog). the chinese organisers wont care about if you want to boycott or better think twice before you make your public comments. imagine if he gets injured or hurt in the tourney,who's to blame then? there's always a psycho out there somewhere anywhere in the world.
    • Rexonial "Dancingwar" Bebb ,
      Well, thing is, he already penalized for what he did, I really think the apologize and 50% donation was enough to cover his action and stop from further same antics from happening. The new issue is what the CN Gov did is way beyond the line.
  • sagi "sagi" ttarius ,
    Organizers cant guarantee a player's safety?..
    • David "datalocus" Chen ,
      Then the organizer should send a bodyguard to follow kuku during his entire stay in China? It is the police's duty to keep someone safe, not the organizer's.
      • sagi "sagi" ttarius ,
        As the organizer, they are the host and kuku as a player is their guest..of course if needed, they should do that.
        • "beishushu" ,
          Bitch KUKU doesn't deserve a bodyguard ,if he comes i am so sure I am gonna burn all you racism bitches to hell!!!
  • rain "rainybhoy" man ,
    Chinese government should ban Dota 2 in China and prevent any chinese players from playing the game anywhere if they dont want to hear any trashtalking. Ez solution. Racism in Dota2??? Racism in itself is really bad...but if it happens on a very toxic game, u don't take it seriously... it's like cursing.. its bad if you hear curse in a normal conversation.... but if you are in a toxic game, or in a very intense discussion, H3ll NO! That's freakin' normal!
  • "rapkya24" ,


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