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Pandora is a behind the scenes Dota 2 professional Jack of All Trades. When not busy with Dota 2 work, she is out trying to save the world or baking cupcakes. Follow her on Twitter @pandoradota2

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its 'interesting' what they are doing... a kick would have lost them their TI8 invite or regional invite spot if they gained one and force them into open quals... but a 'stand in' on a temp basis allows them to even still gain some points and not lost anything... what i don't understand is that i guess they would then switch back to pld for TI if they went? after all that time with adam and the 'cohesion' they built? i guess just getting in the door would be the goal? Its not the first time Fnatic also were involved with some weird things regarding TI (Era and the European squad with Xcalibur) .... ofc just speculation but i do find the move 'interesting' for sure

Article 4/11/18, 7:52 AM

I am sure the invites were issued and accepted before DAC.... still... I do think most ppl were surprised by EG regardless

Article 4/8/18, 9:36 AM

its coming... the person responsible for covering that series had some things come up and it got delayed... but it will be here!

Article 4/6/18, 5:06 PM

not enough coffee to catch that going back xD thanks!

Article 4/4/18, 4:16 PM

rofl it was quite the comeback....

Article 4/4/18, 4:16 PM

corrected.... tbh i have no idea how i even wrote that mistake other than keen was on my mind?! pfff thanks for noticing it tho

Article 4/1/18, 5:13 AM

I really like Moxxi and had hoped to see/hear that she was given a shot. I think its interesting to note that some of these ppl are very polarizing to fans/community and some have already had several opportunities while some have not.

Article 3/30/18, 11:02 AM

Thanks for the update on Rock.y.... i personally spoke with someone at MarsTV and a report has been submitted to Valve to be reviewed and investigated. Upon their conclusion, it will be Valve's ultimate decision (meaning it can be reversed or they can even receive lifetime bans). I did fairly extensive research about a year ago regarding matchfixing and the motivations and risks vs rewards for my last article. In esports and typically players from less financially fortunate countries get a LOT of pressure from various places to engage in it. Considering how relatively young they are its very sad they can easily ruin a career because of it. It would be nice if there were some investigations and consequences for those that were putting the pressure on them and more education/support to prevent it. Betting is a dirty world and more often no one really 'wins' in the end. :(

Article 3/30/18, 7:26 AM
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