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Interview with BunDy

[s]interview[/s]Denmark DEACOM over at WGTour has made yet another interview. This time he sat down to chat a little with the famous french player France BunDy. Many of you might recognize BunDy from pro-teams like z-zone, sTar) and iD.

In the interview they discuss everything from the french BW scene to Michael Jackson.The interview isn't particulary long, but it's entertaining and interesting to read. Worth a watch.

Here is a snippet from the interview:DEACOM:
so if you had to make a top 5 list over the best players of all time, non koreans thoe! who would it be....

of all the time 1st PlayGrrrr..., he has invented all in starcraft!
2nd [GG99]Slayer!
3rd Testie(oh my god i will play him in the WCT)
4th SaFT!
5th BlackMan!
Here they discuss the Michael Jackson incident:
what do you think about hes case today? did he did it or...?

I listen and watch michael jackson for 12 years he is the last legend alive now!
The media just want he go to prison, i dont think he never do anything bad with child etc.

Michael Jackson is just a genious and some people are jealous of him
or they want hes money, so they found a easily way get to them.
so they accused him for nothing, be couse they never and they will never find something against him!

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