CompLexity holding on by thread, OpTic take lead in Group C

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At the end of day 2 at the Dota Summit 8, compLexity Gaming slides into third place in Group B while OpTiC Gaming claim first slot of Group C for now. 

Despite the festive, jovial atmosphere and the uniquely modified format the new BTS event - Dota Summit 8 is a Minor in the Pro Circuit event and therefore features a prize pool of $300,000 and 300 TI8 qualifying points.

The second day has come to a close with each of the teams edging closer to their fated year end results.

Group C

The day kicked off with the first matches of Group C. LGD Gaming were delegated the head of the group based on their number of Pro Circuit points and given the opportunity to choose their opponents. Without much hesitation it seemed, the Chinese team chose to challenge NA rising threat OpTic Gaming. It was a decision they would regret at the close of the series. In a quick succession of three wins, OpTic Gaming dragged LGD through the mud.

Unfortunately, the NA team weren't able to sustain their momentum heading into their next series against Fnatic. Taking the first match OpTic remained confident with a solid lead in the group. Then Fnatic decided they weren't going to go down without a fight. The second match was a back and forth slugfest that lasted over 50 minutes. In the end, Fnatic had taken the win and knocked OpTiC down a notch. With flawless performances by both Abed 'Abed' Yusop and Khoo 'Ohaiyo' Chong Xin, the SEA team trampled over OpTiC in 27 minutes to finish out the night with a second win under their belt. 

The last matchup in the group will determine which team will advance directly to the playoffs, which team will have a last redemption shot in the Wild Card series and if one team will say goodbye early.

Group B

The last series of Group B was played out between Evil Geniuses and compLexity Gaming fighting for their tournament lives and a guaranteed chance to have one more hope for the playoffs. While Evil Geniuses struck out hard and dominated the first two matches for a victory, they weren't able to claim the last win that would force a tie-breaker between them and the leaders - Team Kinguin for the automatic playoff spot. compLexity Gaming deprived their NA rivals of the slot with their strong showing and perfect performance by Zakari 'Zfreek' Freedman. 

Although the group matches have all played out, compLexity Gaming is holding on by a thread to their hopes of a playoff spot with 2 wins under their belts.

Group A

The event will continue in the last day of the group stage with OG taking on Sacred at 09:00 PDT/18:00 CET on Friday, December 15th. OG have yet to play any of their matches and fans are eagerly awaiting to see what will become of Group A as Virtus.pro are currently sitting in the first position as the only team that has gone undefeated thus far.

Team G W L P
6 6 0 12
6 3 3 9
6 0 6 0
Matches and results
Team G W L P
6 4 2 8
6 3 3 2
6 2 4 1
Matches and results
Team G W L P
6 5 1 11
6 4 2 4
6 0 6 0
Matches and results

Dota Summit 8 format:

Group Stage:

  • 3 groups, 3 teams each
  • 3-game series round-robin
  •  Each win equals one point
  •  In the event of tiebreakers, extra games will be played
  •  Top team from each group advance to playoffs


Wild Card:

  • 3 runner-ups from group stage and the 3rd place team with most wins
  • Single Elimination
  • Winner advances to playoffs
  • All games are Bo3



  • 4 Teams: 3 group winners and winner of the Wild Card
  • Single Elimination
  • Bo3 Semifinals, Bo5 Grand Finals




Will compLexity make it through to the wildcard spot?

Yes, the other teams will have less than 2 wins
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Maybe not - I think there could be a tie breaker for it
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