SL i-League Invitational Season 3: English Talent Announced

Posted by Jarrad "Belandrial" Adams at 09 October 2017 20:31

The English talent list for the upcoming SL i-League Invitational season 3 is revealed.

The countdown is reaching its final moments and when it hits zero, it will ring in the beginning of Dota 2’s first Minor tournament, the StarLadder i-League Invitational season 3. With just under 3 days until the event gets underway and teams anxious to play – the English broadcast talent for the event has been announced. 8 of our favourite casters, commentators and analysts have been chosen to bring us the fantastic fourday event live from Kiev, Ukraine.

The talent is as follows:

United Kingdom Owen 'ODPixel' Davies
Netherlands Jorien 'Sheever' van der Heijden
United States Gabriel 'Lyrical' Cruz
United States Ioannis 'Fogged' Loucas
United States William 'Blitz' Lee
United States Austin 'Capitalist' Walsh
Australia David 'GoDz' Parker
United States Litt Binnn 'WinteR' Chan

StarLader i-League Invitational Season 3

The first Dota 2 Minor event, StarLadder i-League Invitational 3 will take place at the Kiev Cybersport Arena in Kiev, Ukraine from October 12th-15th. The 8 teams include the likes of TI7 winners, Team Liquid along with runner’s up, Newbee as well Team Secret and Natus Vincere playing on their home turf. The event will see the teams split into 2 groups of 4 where they will fight for the top 2 spots. From there, the remaining teams move into a single elimination bracket followed by the semi-finals – all of which will be best-of-three series, before the best-of-five final series.

With a brilliant $300 000 prize pool, amazing teams and fantastic talent – the SL i-League Invitational 3 is set to be a Minor of epic proportions to get the new Dota 2 season underway and give us a taste of what the rest of the upcoming Minor events will bring. We certainly cannot wait and you can keep up with all the tournament details here.


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