WESG2016 Day 3: Peru secures two top eight finishes

Dota 2 Isaac “RedCrayon” Celis

After the initial matches of day three, eight teams remain in the quarter finals, with two Peruvian teams, Infamous and Team DileCom, guaranteed a top eight finish.

Infamous vs Dark Passage

Infamous had a strong showing against Dark Passage and the Peruvians sent the Turks home with two quick games. Game one ended in just over 20 minutes and game two was even shorter, lasting only 16 minutes. The aggression from the Peruvians just seemed too much for Dark Passage, who now claim a respectable top 12 finish at WESG.

Team DileCom vs Team Romania

Once again, the Peruvians prevailed. Team DileCom sent Team Romania home 2-0, with a clean Drow Ranger strategy executed in game two, which lasted only 18 minutes with a 28-12 kill score. Team DileCom moves on to face TnC in the quarterfinals while the Romanians lick their wounds, and claim another top 12 finish alongisde Dark Passage.


DUOBAO Young took it the final game to make it to top eight, as MAX.Y gave their countrymen a tough contest. The contest went to the last game of the best of three, with each of the games lasting close to an hour long each. DUOBAO Young stumbled in game two with a Sniper pick, but came back in game three with a devastating Morphling, who picked up an Ethereal Blade 20 minutes in, along with this Travel's and Linken's Sphere. Despite losing out to their countrymen, MAX.Y has definitely made an impression. 

MVP Revolution vs SG e-sports

MVP Revolution lost out to SG e-sports after a grueling and hard fought bo3, which went to the last game. After SG stomped MVP.R in game one in just over a half hour, MVP.R came back with a Sniper pick of their own, which saw better success than DUOBAO.Y; it seemed SG's draft in game two was ill-equipped to deal with the immense physical damage of MVP.R. Game three however, spelled the end of MVP.R's run, as SG e-sports move on to the quarter finals where they face off against Alliance.

Games are still well underway, so be sure to tune in to watch some more WESG. Visit the coverage hub below to find a number of streams to watch through!


Can the Peruvians continue their run?

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