OG - the only European team to receive a direct invite to the Boston Major

Dota 2 Andreea “divushka” Esanu

Only eight teams have been selected by Valve for a precious direct invite to the Boston Major. The chosen eight plus the invites for the regional qualifiers will be announced over the next hour.

Wings Gaming opens the direct invites list

Wings Gaming’s direct invite to the Boston Major comes as no surprise. The International 6 Champions are one of the few teams that undoubtedly deserve their spot in the 2016 Fall Major. The five youngsters from Wings stuck together through the post TI6 shuffle, making them one of the few teams in post-TI shuffle history to do so.

Digital Chaos are going to Boston

The International 6 runners up, Digital Chaos, are the second team to receive a direct invite to the Boston Major. With only one player replaced during the 2016 Fall Shuffle, DC have yet to play an official game as they received a direct invited to most upcoming events. While two of their members will look to finally grab a Valve event title, Misery, w33, and MoonMeander will be looking to add one more to their collection.

Revamped Evil Geniuses is the third team to receive a diret invite

Being one of the three teams who grabbed a LAN event trophy after The International 6, Evil Geniuses receives a direct invite to the Boston Major. Third place finishers at The International 6, EG underwent serious roster changes and still managed to secure the Mars Dota 2 League Autumn Championship title at the beginning of this month.

China China gets three invites to the Boston Major

Newbee and EHOME have both been announced as directly invited teams. With their new line-ups, Newbee placed second at the MDL Dota2 League Autumn and Nanyang Cruise Cup, while EHOME claimed the Chinese qualifiers spot for The Summit 6.

  The first SEA direct invite goes to Execration

The Filipino Meepo master Abed 'Abed' Yusop will attend his first Valve main event as Execration received a direct invite to the Boston Major. Despite Execration’s failed attempt to advance into the TI6 main event via Wildcards, the Filipino team is one of the three squads to actually grab a LAN trophy after the biggest event of the year concluded. Winners of the MPGL Southeast Asian Championship, Execration faced both Fnatic and MVP Phoenix at the aforementioned event and defeated them.

Two times Major Champions OG receive the penultimate direct invite

Not achieving a good run at The International 6, and losing Miracle in the 2016 Fall Shuffle, OG still placed third at the MDL Dota2 League Autumn and are the only European squad to receive a direct invite to the Boston Major.

MVP Phoenix is the last team to receive a Boston Major direct invite

The last direct invite to the Boston Major comes as a bit of a surprise. MVP Phoenix gets to travel to Boston through a direct invite, leaving the fourth place finishers at TI6, Fnatic, to fight their way to the main event via regional qualifiers. After losing two key members in the post TI6 shuffle, the Korean overlords placed second at the MPGL Southeast Asian Championship last month. With Fnatic finishing on the fourth position at the same event, Valve’s choice could be attributed to this reason.

Regional qualifiers invites:

United States compLexity Gaming Sweden Alliance
United States NP Greece Ad Finem
United States FDL Europe Team Liquid
Peru Infamous Europe Escape Gaming
Brazil paiN  Gaming Europe Team Secret
United States Wild Witch Doctors Russia Virtus.Pro
  Ukraine Natus Vincere
  Russia Vega Squadron
China CDEC Gaming Malaysia Fnatic

China Invictus Gaming

International Faceless
China IG Vitality Philippines Mineski
China LGD Gaming Philippines TnC
China LGD Forever Young Mongolia The Mongoloz

China Vici Gaming

Thailand Signature Trust
China Vici Gaming J Indonesia Rex Regum Qeon
China FTD club A  


Do you agreee with Valve's direct invites for the Boston Majpr?

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Thank you for voting!
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  • Number 1 "clariska" of Number 99 ,
    Valve bending the rules much?DC should not be allowed to get a direct invite(Remember TI)EG and TS had to go through qualifiers because of roster change.This are the same.They didn't play any official matches yet...Guess valve will always be a biased piece of crap company. No steam for life :))
    • Sirong "DotANever" Wang ,
      Im just wondering why you are so confident about your bullshit? Clearly, the reason EG and TS were forced to attend regional qualifiers was not because of roster change but roster change after roster lock which you might not even have heard of.
    • "Booncz" ,
      what? why shouldn't they, they are not bending the rules, some people just don't understand them I guess... you just trolling or stupid or what are you talking about? (for those who are not familiar as this guy is with doto scene: after every major(including TI) there is a transfer window, you can change players (almost) as freely as you want, but after it ends, if you change your roster, you have to go trough open qualifier. That happened to TS and EG before TI, they made some changes during the transfer window, but found out the they sucked, so they changed rosters again after reshuffle period ended...therefore open qualifiers for them...)
    • Puto "putosiopao" Siopao ,
      you're a classic example of an ancient man, talking sh1ts without even thinking. lol! bending rules be like? BURN?
    • Mr "soly" Soly ,
      Ignorance is blessing? This --> http://www.dota2.com/majorsregistration/list There was no bending of rulz. All clear.
    • justin "justiins" CC ,
      This guy Clarshit is just joke, every time when I see him in comment section I expect some shit coming out of him.
    • tung "sszj" nguyen ,
      You again, Clit cyka, I'm always very excited to read your comment on every GG post.
  • Shubham "akidos_" Bharadwaj ,
    Agree to all excet MVP Phonex.. They lost 3 players and not major achievement after that... Team VP or Secret seems better candidate then them ...
    • dion "anaksamping" ruben ,
      They lost 2 not 3 (MP and Forev) to Secret, if you want to blabbing around check for fact 1st.
      • Shubham "akidos_" Bharadwaj ,
        What an Idiot. Firstly when I mention VP before secret u have nothing to say. If by fact u mean EE or Misery crying then I would say they deserve it. If u are professional 1st things u do is ensure all contracts are documented. What's the point in crying? Idiots it seems learn the hard way. Also these has nothing to do with valve not inviting .. u ppl are like those who just bark with other dogs without knowing the reason of barking


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