EternaLEnVy and MoonMeander signed up with NP at WESG Canadian qualifiers

Dota 2 Andreea “divushka” Esanu

While two members of the recently formed NP team will play with ppd at USA qualifiers of WESG, EternaLEnVy will be helped by MoonMeander and Febby to secure one of the two spots in the regional qualifiers.

The World Electronic Sports Games rules are bringing all the participants together to form 'national' teams, which has led to many new mixes of pro players. While the European qualifiers feature squads like Team Ukraine with Danil 'Dendi' Ishutin from Na’Vi playing alongside Roman 'Resolut1on' Fominok from Digital Chaos, in the USA qualifiers we will see Team Liquid’s Sam 'BuLba' Sosale playing with the recently retired pro, Peter 'ppd' Dager.

With the registration open for the Canadian National qualifiers, Jacky 'EternaLEnVy' Mao signed up with his own team, NP but brought in two outsiders of the squads to fulfill WESG’s participation rule. Avery 'SVG' Silverman and Arif 'MSS' Anwar, both with US nationalities will be playing with ppd and BuLba at USA qualifiers while EnVy will bring in David 'MoonMeander' Tan, currently member of DC and Kim 'Febby' Yong-min from MVP Phoenix, who has both Korean and Canadian Nationalities.

NP roster for WESG Canadian National qualifiers:

Kurtis 'Aui_2000' Ling
Jacky 'EternaLEnVy' Mao
David 'MoonMeander' Tan
Kim 'Febby' Yong-min
Theeban '1437' Siva

The registrations for WESG Canadian qualifiers are free of any tax and will remain open until 23rd of September. For those interested, sign ups can be done here, the competition starting on 25th of September. Winners and runners of the Canadian National qualifiers will advance into the Regional Qualifiers which are scheduled to take place in a LAN format from October 21 to 23 in Sao Paolo, Brazil. The regional qualifiers will have a ¥500,000 (~$75 000) prize pool.


Will NP have any problem advancing to the Sao Paolo LAN?

Thank you for voting!
Thank you for voting!
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