TnC's amazing run was all in vain

Dota 2 Jarrad “Belandrial” Adams

took everyone by surprise in Group A as they managed to take games off many teams. Unfortunately for them, their 2-0 series win versus Escape Gaming wouldn't make a difference, as they were dropped to the Lower Bracket of the main event.

Game One

The first ten minutes of the game saw both teams drawing rather even across the board, but once that point was passed, TNC looked to take full control of the game. It was only when Escape Gaming claimed an aegis that TnC made a slight slip up and allowed the Dire team a small chance to come back into the game. When TnC were stronger and ready to go high ground they looked to be ready to take it with ease, but with a magnificent wrap around smoke from ESC they defend their barracks. A few moments later the pendulum swung again as ESC made a Roshan attempt that ended with them being quickly wiped off the map, who moved to top lane and pushed down the barracks with the aegis in hand.

With no hope in sight as TnC dominated them at the end, ESC threw in the towel, giving game one to TnC.

Game Two

This game would see TnC dominate as they marched toward high ground before twenty minutes and dropped the tier three top tower. But suddenly they started making small errors and Escape Gaming found a small window back into the game. In this window, Escape began to push out the lanes and held TnC away from another high ground push. But the Dire came back onto the high ground again at thirty two minutes and cleaned up top and mid melee barracks, leaving Escape’s base and hopes in a very fragile situation.

After grabbing an aegis, TnC marched bot and wiped their way through the Radiant base, ensuring themselves a 2-0 win.

However, unfortunately for TnC, this win was in vain. With Alliance taking down EG 2-0, it meant that TnC would be one win short of reaching a tiebreaker against Alliance, and would sadly be going into the main event of TI6 in the Lower Bracket.

Team G W L P
14 11 3 11
14 9 5 9
14 8 6 8
14 8 6 8
14 7 7 7
14 6 8 6
14 5 9 5
14 2 12 2
Matches and results

And with that Group A in the TI6 group stage comes to a close.


Will TnC be able to survive the intense best of one lower bracket?

Thank you for voting!
Thank you for voting!
Jarrad “Belandrial” Adams
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  • Nate "iklogakhakdog" River ,
    Coz EG throw the effing game! It's too obvious 18mins GG??? They are losing but they still fighting and they have items too..
    • Nikola "UdieIcry" Manojlovic ,
      Classic fan logic.
    • Ste "holypepsi" A ,
      what a weak shit piece of execuse. any decent sport spirited team would not count on other team's loss to advance. win your own game.
      • Tian Yi "v3luotianyi" Luo ,
        nicely said! why would rely ur chance of getting into upper bracket from other team's game
    • jhim "zycojim22" canobas ,
      They want to rest.. Since they secure the top seed win on loss.. they just play the game.. No throw.. they just play it as a game.. ^^,
    • McE "1443ky.ntwOrk" Olofernes ,
      That's probably because their game 1 was demoralizing. like if only they go straight for throne instead of destroying barracks @ mid and that wasted leap at throne, they would have won
    • Tian Yi "v3luotianyi" Luo ,
      allow me to enlighten you my foolish friend. the 2nd game is both outdraft and outplayed. furion help to make kill was neutralized by the magnificent thinking of Loda maxing out 3rd skill. while Skywrath sealed Timber's skill. And Timber cant make early rotation otherwise the broodmother will rake EG's top in no time. yeah EG may continue to fight and not give up the fight easily but look they arent in a dire position for them to do so. even before their fight with Alliance began, they are already secured an upper bracket slot. so why push theirselves more hard when it is not necesarry? if EG at least took 1 game from them, TNC should've given a chance to make it to the upper bracket, but its not in our position to question EG how they slack their game so as long as they didnt violate any TI/Valve's rule. the fact is you cant accept TNC failure to secure an upper bracket and blame EG for it. typical peenoy logic
      • Nate "iklogakhakdog" River ,
        Thank you for you wonderful explanation. However, as much as you want to sound like an e-sport analyst unfortunately you sound like a dumb to me. Firstly, compare to other games, there are some cases which are worst than this but still manage to comeback. As for the second game, thank you for stating the actual fact that EG secured already the upper bracket. (Without you I will be lost forever) But then again, this is the point in the first place that's why EG couldn't care less about this match. Unprofessional move in my opinion. Please don't try too hard to expain the obvious.
        • Kyrl Haydn "MercyrL" LIgan ,
          Gago talaga yang isang yan dude, abnoy yan eh... Grabe yan makapag.explain, daig pa ang teacher ko sa preschool, pota... hahah... tingnan mo nga ang article sa wildcard, matatawa ka... Pota talaga... Sarap balatan gamit ang nail cutter...
        • Tian Yi "v3luotianyi" Luo ,
          "unfortunately you sound like a dumb to me" -and ur saltyness is as shiny as 50 carat diamond. speaking of dumbness, its ur inferior race who have full of dumbness "unprofessional move in my opinion" -sorry but i only smell salt actually, i noticed it whenever there's a peenoise-related article/topic here at gosu, theres a lot of comment and what's surprising is how unreasonable peenoise can get (they're like caveman-era kids). so i came a look if my observation is accurate. looks like, in non-so-far distant future, peenoise will gather the world's dismay. and oh i know i shouldnt be saying this, but seeing peenoise getting salty is like melody to my ears... oh the pleasure, a kind of relief. and i also hope they will get crushed utterly so dat the annoying buzz of the flies will start to fade away. if that happens, the rest of the world can enjoy ti6 without the pests around. ohohoho, im extremely evil ur race are pathetic


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