Winners of TI6 will take home over $8,000,000

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The official International 6 website was launched today and with it Valve announced the prize pool distribution for this year.

The first place finishers at TI6 will receive a substantial 8% increase compared to last year, taking home 44% of the total prize pool. A 1% bonus had been added for runners up while 3rd and 4th place finishers will receive 1.5% less money they would’ve got at TI5. Middle of the pack, 5th to 8th place also got a 2% cut meaning that 3rd to 8th place finishers will in fact go home with less cash than last year. 

However, the small cuts from the middle of the pack are not only going to boost the first place finishers but they will also increase the rewards for the teams finishing 9th to 12th.

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Do you find the 44% for the winners too much?

Yes, they should have put more percentages for the 3rd to 6th place finishers
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No, it makes perfect sense
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  • Illia "Eleison" Khromyshev ,
    I think all the money should go to top-3 teams. Smth like 70% for 1, 20% and 10% for 2-nd and 3-rd
    • kabu "JOK" smaug ,
      how about give everything to the winner cuz all those 16 teams are top teams and dont deserve anything ?
    • anonaman "apatdapat" pakemo ,
      All these teams worked hard all year long just to get to TI and you're saying they don't deserve anything at all for losing. This is The International not just some random tournament
      • Illia "Eleison" Khromyshev ,
        Sure, but u have such teams like col, who don't even deserve that 100k. The best ones deserve that money, not losers, who came to int, lost all the games and still got some free cash.
        • "Booncz" ,
          you obviously don't understand the economic's of dota 2 so do some research about how the "dota year" functions and about the teams, then comeback and you can start telling people who deserves the money and who doesn't...
          • Antivirus "lsdstoned" North ,
            wtf is "dota year"? give a link then
            • "Booncz" ,
              Dota year (season) starts after TI with reshuffle and ends with TI grand final...
  • Milen "Thunderbane" Ivanov ,
    I didnt know that in Canada live people dumb like you.
  • Joe "Kanazak" Hollis ,
    Personally, I'd prefer a distribution pattern of: 1st: 30% (5700k at 19mil prize pool) 2nd: 20% (3800k) 3rd: 12% (2280k) 4th: 8% (1520k) 5th-6th: 5% (950k) 7th-8th: 3% (570k) 9th-12th: 2% (380k) 13th-16th: 1.25% (237.5k) 17th-18th/Wildcard: 0.5% (95k) This gives everyone outside the wildcard enough money to live off for a year, the wildcard players go home with enough money to pay for the trip and then some, and everyone who wins at least one game in the main event will see their earnings skyrocket. Thing is, when the prize pool is so huge, I feel it's bad for the scene's overall health to hand the vast majority of the wealth to the top two teams. Simply qualifying for the biggest tournament of the year should see you well enough paid to stick to Dota until next year's International comes along. And with each victory seeing at least a 50% increase in your winnings, and the first place team going home with 5.7 million USD, it's not like the distribution is unfair to the winners. /shrug. I really don't understand why they want to make the prize so top-heavy, when the teams aren't guaranteed a living wage. At least with my distribution, even the 13th-16th place teams will go home having earned enough to have financial stability for the next year. That means that every one of these 16 teams, should they stick together, will be even better a year from now than they are today, because they could afford to give Dota their full attention as far as work is concerned.
    • "Booncz" ,
      man it's not 2011, all teams attending TI are professional teams...


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