OG the first team ever to win two Majors

Dota 2 Andreea “divushka” Esanu

“Friendship conquers all” said Tal 'Fly' Aizik during the grand finals winner interview, and is quite right looking at the two teams that reached the last stage of the Manila Major.

Team Liquid and OG are the only two European teams that stuck together since their inception, right after The International 5. Starting their journey on 28th of August 2015 as 5JuNGz and (monkey) Business respectively, the two teams had immediate success and rebranded just before the Frankfurt Major where OG became the first ever major Champions after a miraculous lower bracket run.

This time around it was Team Liquid who fought hard to avoid elimination during the entire playoff days to claim their spot next to OG in the Manila Major grand finals.

Game One

There’s no doubt that both teams know each other extremely well and that was obvious from the very first draft of the series. Liquid denied all the heroes that made the difference for OG through the entire tournament and won the game with a last pick Timbersaw for Adrian 'FATA-' Trinks into the four melees Fly drafted for his team.

OG recognized themselves as outdrafted and tried to salvage the situation with an aggressive starting trilane where the duo Lich – Earth Spirit should have shut down Ursa. However, it was Kuro 'KuroKy' Salehi Takhasomi’s Riki who zoned out Amer 'Miracle-' Barqawi and his supports while the other two lanes were also easily won by TL.

With both Lifestealer and Alchemist falling behind, OG rotated their carry in the safe at the ten minute mark but Liquid was one step ahead and all five heroes were smoked hunting in the enemy jungle for the  Beastmaster or the Earth Spirit. Despite having the Radiance ready well before the 20 minute mark, OG couldn’t surprise Liquid in anyway as the Riki support provided the superior vision for his team and OG was constantly initiated with silences on their cores. The game ended in the 37th minute with a 38-10 kill score in favour of Team Liquid, who had one of the most dominant performances in the tournament with this opening game of the grand finals.

Game Two

For the second game it was OG who tricked their adversaries during the drafting stage with a third pick Faceless Void followed by Juggernaut which TL read as an offlane hero. But OG closed the draft with a Dark Seer for David 'MoonMeander' Tan and put Johan 'N0tail' Sundstein on the Void safe lane.

Although Liquid got most of their comfort heroes, including the Lasse 'MATUMBAMAN' Urpalainen’s Lycan and Fata’s Dragon Knight, they got outmaneuvered in the laning stage and OG built up their lead with successful early rotations from their supports in both mid and safe lane.

Miracle snowballed extremely fast on the back of his two kills on DK before the six minute mark and was able to roam every time his Omnislash was off cool down to increase his farm even more. Two Roshan kills with the Aegis placed on the Juggernaut was all OG needed to chop through Liquid’s base and equalize the series score.

Game Three

The draft for the third game was a tinkered version of the previous one for both teams, the new additions being Lion and Sven for OG, while Liquid brought in the Vengeful Spirit to counter the Void Chrono. The three cores draft for OG functioned like a well oiled machine due to deep warding and extremely good fight sustainability provided by the Phoenix and Juggernaut’s Healing Ward. Only 12 minutes into the game OG was able to gank and dive behind tier two towers securing pickoffs on the Dragon Knight on the back of two-three man Chronos that annihilate any kind of help from Fatas’s supports. Around the thirty minute mark, the Void Aghanim’s Scepter and Sven’s Daedalus came online and with a last Aegis secured five minutes later OG took the lead of the series.

Game Four

The last game featured what we could call now, OG’s lucky charm hero, namely Elder Titan handled by Andreas 'Cr1t-' Nielsen along with Fly’s flawless Phoenix and a surprise Wrath King last pick for N0tail. Liquid went for an intricate minus armor strategy with Slardar and a carry Weaver.

Although in the first 15 minutes only five kills happened across the map, with the first blood in Liquid’s favor, the game was far from a passive one. Both teams looked for ganks but the reactive plays from all four supports were on spot and the mid game stage found OG and Liquid still even in farm.

The first team wipe took place 20 minutes into the game when OG smoked as five trying to surprise Liquid in their own jungle but they didn’t take into consideration a finished Radiance on Lone Druid’s Bear and instead of securing a lead for themselves, they got counter initiated and lost all their heroes. Nonetheless, Miracle had one objective only, namely to continuously haunt the Enchantress, and took her down countless times, creating enough space for WK to build up on his farm and at the same time putting Liquid in the impossibility of contesting Roshan as a 4v5 team fight scenario.

Slowly but surely OG kept pushing Liquid and displayed great discipline and patience when it came to high ground siege. It took them nearly ten minutes of slow sieging  the tier three towers before they fully committed in Liquid’s base to become the first team ever to win two Valve Championships.

Manila Major final standings:

1st, $1,110,000: Europe OG
2nd, $405,000: Europe Team Liquid
3th, $315,000: China Newbee
4th, $255,000: China LGD Gaming

5th-6th, $202,000

Malaysia Fnatic
Korea MVP Phoenix

7th-8th, $105,000:

Ukraine Natus Vincere
China Vici Gaming Reborn

9th-12th, $45,000:

United States compLexity Gaming
Sweden Alliance
United States Digital Chaos
Russia Team Empire

13th-16th, $30,000:

Europe Team Secret
United States Evil Geniuses
Philippines Mineski
China Wings Gaming


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  • ref "paradigm12" wide ,
    and they say MMR is just a number, 9K answers it all, i bet miracle is carrying 4to5k mmr players everyday while his enemy is all 7k to balance everything imagine a team of 4k with 1 9kvs 7k team. Miracle is really the king of miracles.
    • elvis "coolbatman" loo ,
      based on ur math, miracle mmr should be 15k [(5k x 4 = 20k) + (miracle = 15k) = 35k ;; 35k/5= average 7k ] but I bet u r too dumb to understand this simple math
      • a "kebabsmurf" bb ,
        Wow, I bet you are too stupid to understand simple math.. Miracle + four 4k mmr players = five 7k mmr players => X + 4*4 = 5*7 => X = 19k. But I guess that is too hard for you. Stop calling people stupid if you are retarded yourself.
        • elvis "coolbatman" loo ,
          just as u know.. u just mind blown me
        • koroshi "Ks-Koroshi" 暗殺者 ,
          I think you are the retard here... His calculation is based on 5k mmr average and nothing wrong with his math and you wildly appeared with 4k mmr average calculation and tried to look smart. What an asshole. The OP himself mentioned Miracle's team is 4k-5k mmr average. Dumb shit fuck
          • Cyrus Caesar "furion371" Corpuz ,
            (4*4k)+9k=25k 5*7k=35k It should be Miracle + 4x4k players vs 5x5k players or maybe a more viable one is: 4x7.75k + 9k vs 5x8k
    • fariz "FarizTampan" hanif ,
      ehh , im forced to comment here dota is 5 vs 5 , mmr just a number, especially if it MMR solo its solo MMR dude , 9k , not party mmr if u use team vs team , even at dota2 , the system copy party mmr , not solo how about Rtz and W33 team hah ? super damn high MMR, W33 come from Balkan Bears and achieve nothing even Rtz mmr is so high too, but his acheivement , zzz ok enough of solo or party lets calculate this, OG has genius leader, Fly, he even the former captain of Fnatic HoN Squad his achievement at HoN is like number 1 or 2 best team in the world , his natural enemy is Akke and the gank his former member at HoN is Notail , NoVa , etc , i remember Hanni too Dota2 has more money n future than HoN , so they switched to Dota2 Fly is a jewish too , gifted with genius brain , jewish clan rule a massive amount of business in this world if u use ur brain correctly, Fly often use non mainstream strategy that can surprise enemy maybe u forgot Moon , one of the best offlaner in the world, lets change Moon with RotK , i bet this OG team will be a broken team Crit- and Notail , have a super damn synergy with Fly and Moon u think its easy to get 0 kill if ur team or captain dumb ? did Miracle in solo MMR can achieve straight 3 match++ 0 death ? its impossible bro , even in 1 match , its almost impossible for Miracle- to achieve 0 death this OG team can make 4 match++ 0 death on Miracle- versus pro player kid , versus pro player oke , pro player enemy has great synergy and coordination compared to solo mmr dude that achievement only can be achieved by a super good team Dota is 5 vs 5 , Miracle- cant do a shit without his team , and good captain this OG team age is around 7 months , what is that Miracle doing in 7 month with this team ? its even officialy 7 months with OG , but actually they stick around 9 months++ , he should take a lot of thropy in 9 months dude , so many tournament held in this 9 months at the beginning of his career early 2015 with Balkan Bears, early 2015 compare to now. is around 18 months dude , ur hero 18 months only got that achievement ah , its plus management too , OG team has good management team , u think they come to the Manila Tournament only with 5 ppl ? ok i hope this lesson enough for you *sorry grammar nazi , i dont need you now
      • Dota "Dotakaiju" Kaiju ,
        Do you even watch Dota? w33 carried Secret to the Shanghai win. MMR is a very big deal and the only ones who say it isnt are people who cant break past their current MMR standing. Rtz though hes problem comes from how he interacts with team mates. You could be a good player but if your to cocky it will only hurt you in the pro scene. You act like people achieve nothing unless they win a TI and even then they have to win next years TI to have achieved something again for you. A lot of the things you say are just awful and Id bet your mmr isnt higher then 3.5k. Your trash talking these pros like your better and have won 6 TIs Also Ive seen miracle win 4 games in a row with out dying.
        • Midun "rejie" Kurniadi ,
          youre really horrible ahaha mmr mean nothing at pro scene bruh, its solo mmr remember W33 and miracle in balkan bear? 2 of highest mmr in one team? they cant even win against tier 2/3 team? then why W33 cant carry with other team except secret? remember cdec maybe era? maybe is better than shiki , but it work better without maybe June highest mmr china? mean nothing in IG and dont forget infamous 4k mmr EG.Mason, you think EG will invite random 4k to replace fear? miracle is best pubber for sure, i watch him alot, but pro is 5v5, and im sure that guy have higher mmr than u
          • Bao "silverbret614" Nguyen ,
            Lmao do you even know sports, in general ? Personal skill makes all the difference in team sports. When Fly's draft fails, when Moon plays like a retard, and when notail turns into nobrain, who do you think dig them out of those holes ? It's -miracle or Cr1t, with their personal skills. Look back at Frankfurt and see for yourself son. Whenever -miracle got shutdown they were struggling. Why do you think sport teams pay big money for the superstars ? Because they make a difference. You can have all the teamwork in the world, but on a bad day, you need that one guy who steps it up and puts the team on his shoulders. Before you repeat your trash point of "w33 in Balkan Bears", you can't tell a 5-star player to do all the work for 4 other guys who are 2.5-star at best, but in a team of 4-star players who know that they're doing, you need the 5-star guy to make a difference


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