Frankfurt Major 2015

Frankfurt Major 2015

General information

Prize pool ~ $3,000,000
1. $1,110,000 (37%)
2. $405,000 (13.5%)
3. $315,000 (10.5%)
4. $255,000 (8.5%)

5-6. $202,500 (6.75%)
7-8. $105,000 (3.5%)
9-12. $45,000 (1.5%)
13-16. $30,000 (1%)
Four qualifiers based on regions
- 10 teams in each
-- 8 invited, 2 from open qualifier
---- 2 groups of 5 teams, best of 2
---- top2 of each group move on to double elimination bracket

China Qualifier - Oct 10-13
Americas Qualifier - Oct 10-13
SEA Qualifier - Oct 10-13
Europe Qualifier - Oct 10-13
16 teams divided in four groups of four teams each and played in a double-elimination format
- Top two teams in each group advance to the upper bracket of the Main Event.
- Bottom two teams in each group advance to the lower bracket of the Main Event.
- 8 invited : EG, CDEC, LGD, Vici, Vega, Secret, VP, EHOME
- 8 regional qualifiers winners / 2 from each region : OG, Alliance, C9, unknown.xiu, NewBee, NewBee.Y, Mineski, Fnatic
MAIN EVENT -- Nov 21
The Main Event will take place at Festhalle Messe, Frankfurt, Germany

- 16 teams in a double-elimination bracket.
- All matches from Winner Bracket are best-of-three
- First round of Loser Bracket is best-of-one then all other matches are best-of-three.
- Grand Finals is best-of-five with no game advantage.

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The media pack from Frankfurt Major

In this media pack you can quickly find all our interviews, top plays and the venue live atmosphere content from the Frankfurt Major.

Frankfurt Major - the tournament that wrote history

There are few tournaments in DotA that really marked the history of the game and will remain in everyone’s minds and hearts. I believe that the Frankfurt Major has all the attributes to be regarded as a brilliant moment that will be mentioned in our DotA discussions for years to come.

Interview with Ulrich Schulze: EG vs Secret ran about one million stream viewers

In the penultimate day of the Frankfurt Major we caught with ESL’s Managing Director of Pro Gaming, Ulrich Schulze. We’ve discussed the organizing involvement of Valve and ESL for the first-ever DotA 2 Major and the impediment that media had to face on interviewing the players at the venue.

Ohaiyo-Fnatic: Everything will be the same at Fnatic, the team will stick together

Moments before his departure from Frankfurt we caught up with Fnatic’s veteran player Chong Xin 'Ohaiyo'  Khoo and talked about what went wrong for his team and what are Fnatic’s plans for the incoming new roster shuffle lock down period.

Vega Squadron: from veritable underdogs to strong contenders?

Vega is one of the best teams in Europe right now and is a top contendor for this event. But the most important question is, "Can they do what they did at ESL One New York?" 

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News for Frankfurt Major 2015

OG wins the Frankfurt Major!

In a dominant performance, OG defeat Team Secret 3:1 in the Grand Final of the Frankfurt Major. They are the champions. Congratulations to OG!

KotLGuy’s road to Dota was paved with Broadway intentions

[Spoiler Alert] “I honestly won’t be surprised if EG and Secret will meet again in the Grand Finals.”

Frankfurt Major: OG eliminates EG and proceeds to the grand finals

OG proceeds to the grand finals of the Frankfurt Majors after taking down heavy favorites EG with a 2-1 score.

OG eliminates EHOME and secures top 3 at the Frankfurt Major

The final game of Day 5 of the Frankfurt Major featured once again, OG and another Chinese team, this time EHOME. The Winner of this match will play against Team Evil Geniuses tomorrow in the lower bracket finals.

EG vs Team Secret: The upper bracket final lives up to the hype

Team Secret and Evil Geniuses faced off in an intense, closely-fought contest between two of the titans of Western Dota. The upper bracket final delivered some of the best Dota of the entire tournament, with unbelievable plays, great teamfights, and surprise hero picks galore.

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SEA Tiebraker (Complete)

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Europe (Complete)

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China Tiebraker (Complete)

China (Complete)

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Americas Tiebraker (Complete)

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