Team Secret: From Shanghai Major Champions to TI6 open qualifiers

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Right after day three ended at Manila Major, Team Secret droped a bomb announcing roster changes that involves Evil Geniuses as well.

According to Secret’s co- owner, Mr Kemal Sadikoglu, ‏Saahil 'UNiVeRsE' Arora decided to “abandon” the Secret boat to return to Evil Geniuses. However, EG is yet to officially announce anything.

Team Secret posted on their official website that EG’s ex coach and now offlaner, Kanishka 'BuLba' Sosale has switched teams and will replace Universe at Team Secret which, according to Valve’s roster lock rule for the Spring period, means that even though they’ve won the Shanghai Major title, Secret will play the open qualifiers for The International 6.

Team Secret current roster:

Canada Jacky 'EternaLEnVy' Mao
Canada Artour 'Arteezy' Babaev
United States Kanishka 'BuLba' Sosale
Estonia Clement 'Puppey' Ivanov
Sweden Johan 'pieliedie' Åström

As for Evil Geniuses, things just got a bit more complicated. Without any official announcement from the NA organizations, Universe’s return is just a rumor, along with the many scenarios that are invading social media. Many are speculating about Aui_2000 getting kicked once again from the team, some are saying Zai will step in from the substitute role but only time will tell what EG will decide.

The most uncertain thing right now is EG’s TI6 direct invite. Valve’s shuffle rules say that once a team makes a change after March 27th, the respective team becomes ineligible for a regional or direct invite. BuLba leaving the team instead of making a substitute/primary role swap puts the defending champions in great danger. Even more, if Universe is indeed to return to the boys in blue then it’s clear that EG will also fight for their spot at The International 6 from open qualifiers.

Keep in mind that Valve tossing a direct invite to the defending Champions each year is just a tradition and not a rule.

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source: teamsecret.gg


Should EG receive a direct invite to TI6 ?

Thank you for voting!
Thank you for voting!
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  • koroshi "Ks-Koroshi" 暗殺者 ,
    EG has a chance... Aui back to support and Fear back to carry way to go!
  • Doman "Dascha" Khwbewh ,
    I know it's kinda controversial and as I'm posting this the poll is 17% to 83 ... but isn't it kinda a written/unwritten rule in every sport that the defending champion gets an invite to the next tournament no matter what?!
    • Tai "TaiHunter" Nguyen ,
      First of all, it's Valve! They kicked 2GD before, I think it's possible to do so to EG. Moreover, what if a team completely change all their rosters to a trask tier team after rosters lock?
      • John "Mightypapa" Doe ,
      • Doman "Dascha" Khwbewh ,
        well, I don't really want to see them in TI6.... not like this at least, but to answer your question, wasn't it pretty much the same case in TI4 and TI5 for Allience and Newbe respectively?
        • sax "saxnuoc1" nuoc ,
          Valve đidnt have that rule at that time lol
        • Prastika "ryemaru" Surya ,
          That was before roster lock rules was applied. Now they have a written rule about roster change after roster lock, and no written rule as far as i know about defending champion got direct invite. So EG shouldn't get a direct invite either.
    • "Booncz" ,
      they would have gotten an invite but they broke no trading period therefore not only they won't be invited to the event they'll have to play the open qual...
    • Nowhere "douchiedude" Man ,
      No, teams and athletes do not get invited to tournaments; they're forced to qualify through regular seasons (team sports) or qualifier matches (individual).


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