DreamLeague #5: No Diggity eliminated

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In their lower bracket match against Virtus.Pro, No Diggity lost 2-1 and are now eliminated from the fifth Season of DreamLeague.

Upper Bracket

Round 2 - Best of 3

Lower Bracket

Round 1 - Best of 3

Round 2 - Best of 3


Best of 5

Game one

A rare case of Earth Spirit failing multiple ganks during the laning stage resulted in the failure of No Diggity's plan to win the early game and slow Virtus.Pro's tempo. Sensing that their early game plan had failed, No Diggity started creating space for their Naga Siren and Tiny by ganking, however, owing to VP's tendency to stick as a unit, ganks turned into costly trades. This quickly snowballed into No Diggity losing all of their map control and eventually, the game.

Game two

It was quite a comedic early game, with supports on both sides frequently finding themselves ganked instead of ganking. However, the ball started rolling when VP's Puck reached level six and secured two kills with his Dream Coil. This allowed VP to implement their map control tactics from game one as they managed to secure a few tier one towers. Luckily for No Diggity, the similarity of VP's game two draft to their game one draft allowed them to predict and completely shutdown VP's attempt at map control. Feeling pressured, VP backed off and was eventually overran by No Diggity's Sven.

Game three

Dual lanes played by No Diggity allowed VP's Tidehunter to build an early Mek and heavily obstruct Spectre's farm progress. Meanwhile, the dual offlane failed to hinder Sven enough and was eventually forced to rotate elsewhere. Due to this, VP was able to keep stalling No Diggity's pushes until their Sven was able to farm an Echo Saber. Once this happened, a quick Roshan and GG followed.

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  • Doc "DocAwe" Awe ,
    I once read people say navi gonna be auto 4th place. To bad they r wrong. LOLOLOL~


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