IMG changes roster after going 3-11 in the past month

Dota 2 Eric “reinnnn” Khor

After a series of disappointing results followed by an untimely loss in the Chinese open qualifiers of The International 5 and MarsTV Dota League qualifier, Immortal Magneto Gaming (IMG) has removed their solo mid player ChaoYue and replaced him with former Hyper Glory Team player Cys.

No particulars were disclosed on their decision to remove ChaoYue but it is likely  that it is due to his synergy with the team. Since the team was formed last month, IMG won three games and lost a total of eleven in 7 series.

It is also currently unknown if the team will be switching roles and move Yaphets into the middle lane, the role that he is most dominant in and the role that made him famous.

IMG will debut their new roster at G-League on June 9 against Tongfu. Place your bets here.

IMG team roster:

China Yaphets
China Cys
China Long
China Guai
China lyly

Source: Yaphets Facebook

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