Trailer for New Bloom 2015 released, Winter Wyvern hinted

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The final day of DAC also held a surprise for the Dota2 fans around the world, as a cinematic trailer was shown about the upcoming New Bloom event. According to the trailer, the Year Beast will be making a comeback, and it will most likely bring the next DotA2 hero with it - Winter Wyvern. 

The exciting DAC may have concluded, but Valve has already given us a new reason to be excited. During the intriguing final day of the tournament, the spectators all around the world had the chance to watch a trailer for the New Bloom 2015 festival, which is expected to arrive later this month. Despite the trailer's short duration, Valve offered a lot of information about the next big patch of Dota2, raising the hype for the yearly event.

Through the trailer, we learn that the primary antagonist of last year's New Bloom festival, the Year Beast will return to Dota2. Unlike 2014, the players will get to "tame" the beast, meaning that the upcoming event mode will have a new objective. Those not interested in the Chinese New Year festivities, have no fear - the trailer clearly shows a blue wyvern flying over the Year Beast, and it is almost certain that this will be the new Dota2 hero - the Winter Wyvern. This tricky INT hero will enter the Dota2 battlefield two years after its creation, and she will be voiced by Merle Danrdige



The careful observer also noticed that Crystal Maiden is running fast. Will Icefrog finally buff her movement speed?


Video source : Wykrhm Reddy Youtube

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