International E-road Festival Dota2 tournament kicks off tomorrow ft. LV Gaming

Dota 2 Ben “PineappleCake” Tan

Starting tomorrow at 10.40 (+8GMT, or 03.40 CET), eight up and coming teams from the Chinese and Korean scene will fight for the prize pool of 800,000 RMB at the International E-road festival.

The International E-road Festival is the largest youth exchange between Korea and China which will take place at Hai Xin Sha(海心沙), Guang Zhou. A Dota2 tournament and a LOL tournament are some of the highlights of this event; they will feature a 800,000RMB prize pool with teams such as Lv Gaming and Speed Gaming fighting over it. A single elimination format is used for this tournament. There will be four best of threes played out throughout tomorrow (5th of December), meaning that four teams will be eliminated. The remaining four teams will then play both the semi finals and finals on the 7th of December. The games will all be broadcasted by Huomao TV and entry to the event is free.

China Speed Gaming
China LV Gaming
China DK Gaming
China IMG
China Shield 
China Wings
China FLY 
China DG


Headline Image by nipic, Banner image from Huomao TV


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