TwitchTV Double Trouble tour announced featuring pros and personalities

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The Twitch hosted 2v2 fun tournament Double Trouble will take place on November 15th. BigDaddy, Dendi, Puppey and SingSing will team up with PyrionFlax, TotalBiscuit, Cyborgmatt and LD respectively, fighting for their own personal Twitch emoticons!

The game streaming platform TwitchTV just announced a new fun 2v2 tournament, scheduled to take place on November 15th. Also known as "Double Trouble", the competition will bring together four pro players and four famous personalities of the gaming scene, for one day full of 2v2 mid-only matches. The duo that wins the competition will receive an extra emoticon for their personal Twitch channel, along with a global emoticon (like Kappa) for three months.

The participants of Double Trouble: 

- Wehsing 'SingSing' Yuen / David 'LD' Gorman
- Clement 'Puppey' Ivanov / Matthew 'Cyborgmatt' Bailey
- Johan 'BigDaddy/n0tail' Sundstein / Edward 'PyrionFlax' Forsyth
- Daniil 'Dendi' Ishutin / John 'Totalbiscuit' Bain 

The four teams will be placed in a double elimination bracket with best-of-three matches and a best-of-five Grand Final. The mode of the games is AP/Only Mid, and no jungling is allowed. Each game has a time limit of 15 minutes, and the winner will be determined by the tournament's special point system.


As mentioned above, the tournament will be held on November 15th, starting at 17:00 CET. For the first round of the bracket, BigDaddy/PyrionFlax will go against Puppey/Cyborgmatt while Dendi/TotalBiscuit will face SingSing/LD. All the players personalities will be streaming the matches on their individual Twitch channels. 

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