Game Show League Season 1 kicks off

Dota 2 Jaco “feedmeee” van Eeden

In a few days, the first Season of the Game Show League will begin at Dreamhack Moscow, sporting some of the biggest Russian and Ukrainian teams. The first stage will kick off tomorrow at Cyberstadium in Moscow with the top four advancing to the Dreamhack event.

With Dreamhack Moscow just around the corner, fans will be delighted to see some Dota 2 in the mix of all the fun. Tomorrow, the final six teams in the Game Show League's first season will start competing for the $50,000 prize pool, with $20,000 going to the winner, with the games hosted at Cyberstadium in Moscow. Most of the big names in Europe are competing, and the coverage team includes Beyond the Summit for the English fans, and names such as ARS-ART, Light of Heaven and NS for the Russians among others.

The information regarding the participants in this event changed multiple times, and in the end, two teams accepted direct invites to the tournament: Na'Vi and Team Empire. A seperate qualifier was held for the group stages, and out of the eight teams who participated, HellRaisers and Moscow 5 emerged as the final two competitors.

Team Tinker was set to compete in the tournament and the posters even sported pictures of SingSing, but the star-studded team is not taking part anymore, most likely due to the event being held in Moscow. NVMI and Virtus Pro were added to the list of teams, even though VP was eliminated by NVMI, and NVMI by HellRaisers in the qualifier as seen below. They were, however, the next two teams in line according to the qualifier standings.

The tournament will be played in a round-robin best of one format to determine the top four teams, filling the first two days with a whopping 15 matches. The teams will play in a LAN setting at Cyberstadium and the top four will then face off in a single elimination bracket at Dreamhack Moscow to determine the winner.

Expand below to see the schedule:

Team M W D L P
5 4 0 1 12
5 3 0 2 9
5 3 0 2 9
5 2 0 3 6
5 2 0 3 6
5 1 0 4 3
Matches and results


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