Dota 2 Champions League announces new season

Posted by Linus "Tjernobylbarnet" Staaf at 23 August 2014 13:15

This one to add American and Chinese regions as well as offline playoffs at Dreamhack Masters in Bucharest, Romania October 31 to November 2. Seven of the eight European teams are revealed already.

Dota 2 Champions League is the latest addition to the Autumn's list of premier events, and the overall Dota 2 competitive scene is looking to go full force starting in the coming weeks. The new additions for this D2CL season are the expansion to multiple regions, adding America and China outside of just the European division, as well as the on-site playoffs taking place October 31 to November 2 at Dreamhack Masters in Bucharest, Romania. It will thus help raising up Bucharest as a location for Dota 2 events, following up on the DreamHack Bucharest Invitational of the past Spring.

The prize pool starts at $50,000 USD but as usual the community will help raising it by purchasing the Dota 2 TV ticket, coming with an Tusk-looking courier. Each purchase will increase the prize pool by $2.5. A total of four teams will fare off to Romania for the playoffs event, how exactly these four are decided is yet to be announced. The divisions will be played in a round robin fashion.

Teams, European division

Ukraine Natus Vincere
Sweden Alliance
International Cloud9
Europe Fnatic
Russia Team Empire
Europe Team Tinker
Other to be announced

Teams of the American and Chinese divisions are yet to be announced. The European starting field is a star studded one even though some teams still have not officially revealed their completed rosters (Na`Vi, Fnatic). and Empire have been seen playing with what can be assumed to be possible new rosters and Fnatic and Alliance yet to make their post-TI4 debuts. The first of Na`Vi and Cloud9 will be seen in the Battle Arena Event starting on Monday. The former D2CL season was won by Team Empire.

Another thing worth mentioning is the ManagerX award, where tournament administratiors decide upon a manager who did the best job communicating with other teams, admins, making sure the team shows up in time and following the rules. The manager in question will receive 5% of the money collected through the ticket sales. The idea is to increase the level of professionalism and communication of the teams, D2CL have in the past been seen taking some controversial decisions regarding team behavior.

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