Titan to play MVP.Phoenix in WEC Qualifiers SEA bracket

Dota 2 Daniel “PatrickBaitman” Scott Lintott

After working their way through the draw from opposite ends, TI inivitees Titan will face up against the TI wildcard MVP.Phoenix to see who will make it to the WEC main event. 

Tomorrow will see the deciding match for entrance into the World eSports Championship from the South East Asia Bracket. Titan had to beat MiTH and Invasion, while Phoenix managed to get the best of Departure and Johnny+4 to make it to the finals. 

The WEC was announced in earlier this year in June and will feature a number of eSports including Dota 2. The combined prize pool is reporteldly around $800,000, but the indivdual prize pool has not been confirmed yet. 

Nevertheless, either Titan or Phoenix will get a shot at this prize if they win tomorrow. The format for the game is a best of three series, with the winner going to compete at the LAN event in the Yellow Dragon Stadium in China.

Other teams that didn't make it through the bracket include Zephyr, who recently brought Merlini out of retirement to fill in for Purge, and Arrow Gaming who also failed to make the SEA qualifier for TI4 earlier this year. Place your bets here.


Daniel “PatrickBaitman” Scott Lintott
Dan 'PatrickBaitman' Scott Lintott is a student at the University of Edinburgh and editor of the local Edinburgh newspaper The Journal. Spends any time not in the real world online doing his best to cover eSports and take competitive gaming into the mainstream.