TI3 1v1 players and allstars team announced

Posted by Eric "reinnnn" Khor at 01 August 2013 18:30

The eight players for the solo 1v1 tournament has been announced. The following are the players competing for the 1v1 tournament tomorrow.

The format and the specific schedule of the 1v1 tournament has not been announced but it will begin right after the wildcard match tomorrow. The estimated time is 19:00 PST (04:00 CEST on the 3rd of August).

Apart from that, the allstars match-up was also announced. Allstars will be played on the 8th of August.

All-stars match
Allstars 1 vs Allstars 2
Sweden Loda
Malaysia ChuaN
Ukraine Dendi
China Hao
Russia ARS-Art
vs China Burning
Sweden Akke
Malaysia Mushi
China Ferrari_430
Estonia Puppey


Source: Cyborgmatt Twitter