LightOfHeaven to be the final Russian caster at TI3

Dota 2 Sumit “Y-fi” Yadav
​Vitalii 'v1lat' Volochai announced on his twitter that Dmitriy 'LighTofHeaveN' Kupriyanov will join the russian casting team at Seattle for The International 3. These two, combined with Roman 'CaspeRRR' Lepyohin will be providing the russian coverage for the event. 

All LighTofHeaveN fans get a reprieve as he joins the russian casting and analyst desk at TI3. After Empire's knock out from the western qualifiers, this would have been the first International that LightOfHeaven would have missed. But fear not, he will be there to share his expertise and wonderful insight as a commentator. Sure it may not be as the calculated offlaner we are used to seeing him, but many can agree that an The International without LightofHeaveN would in many ways feel wrong.




Sumit “Y-fi” Yadav
<p> #82 Screw you Lumi hateboys! :)</p>