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Dota 2 Chelsea “Daeja” Jack

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For the last five or so weeks, we’ve been immersed in one scandal, one “drama” after another. I use the term drama here only because it’s the popular label for what are truly some serious issues facing our scene. I don’t want to make light of any of it nor do I want to imply that people are just getting upset for the sake of getting upset.

If you’re a fan of the professional scene, you’re surely aware by now of the issues we’ve had with racism in the scene. Valve finally laid down the law this week, banning a player from the Chongqing Major, docking 20% of TNC Predator’s Dota 2 Pro Circuit (DPC) points and generally making their displeasure clear.

Racism is a huge issue we need to tackle within our community. But it’s not been the only issue to arise in the last few weeks. The Regional Qualifiers for the Chongqing Major and the Bucharest Minor have also seen some troubles with teams playing in the wrong regions. The former Pain X squad was disqualified by Valve from the Major qualifiers for trying to pass themselves as South American. They went on to compete and come up short in the North America Qualifiers for the Minor, Zeus Gaming was disqualified from SEA Qualifiers for the Minor due to being a Chinese squad. Playmakers Esports was disqualified from the South American Qualifiers of the Major due to lying about a stand-in. A CIS squad quit the Major Qualifiers after losing to Virtus.pro.

There’s criticism regarding people changing their opinions based on Valve’s post. There are calls for rulebooks. (Please, Valve, a rulebook.) There are debates happening right now around what’s appropriate conduct and what’s not.

It’s all important stuff--it really is! But because there’s been so much of it, I’m finding myself more than a little overwhelmed by it all. Aren’t you?

Could we all take a collective break for the next week?  

This doesn’t mean you have to agree with Valve. It doesn’t mean you cannot be critical of the organization. I think the criticism is warranted here. And it certainly doesn’t mean having to agree with each other. There have always been disagreements in the community about what’s best for it.

Rather, let’s see the Bucharest Minor Qualifiers continue without any more hiccups. Let’s take time to silently reflect on the choices Valve has made. Take time to think through all the implications of the arguments we’ve already made and heard regarding racism, regarding what’s best for the Dota 2 scene, regarding who should be allowed to play where and so on.  

Stop trying to fiend all the “hot takes” being shared on social media, Reddit, Twitch, Youtube….

Just let it all sink in for a bit instead.

I’d love a couple weeks of tournaments running exactly as planned.

Of everyone respecting each other.

Of no one stirring the pot with a controversial opinion.

Keeping up with it all is exhausting. Especially because we’re all emotionally invested in the scene. We all want what we, individually, think is best for it.

Shouting at each other on all of our various platforms?  It’s not working, we’re just getting angrier and more frustrated.    

I’m giving myself permission to step back and think only about the game itself for the next week, and if, like me, you’re experiencing drama fatigue, I suggest you do the same.

This doesn’t mean giving up, giving in, that we stop caring. It means coming back refreshed and prepared to debate and discuss what ideal outcomes are, and how we get from where we are to a better place.


Do you love all the drama lately or are you also over it?

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