YYF: 'Crush Alliance early rather than go late'

Dota 2 Danio “xiaoduizhang” Liu

Invictus Gaming will be playing the best-of-one loser bracket match against Team Liquid in a few short hours. We have for you an interview with YYF about his team's current condition and his feeling about being thrown down to the loser bracket this quickly.

Thanks for taking our interview YYF. So how do you think of iG's performance until now? Are you satisfied with it?

I can hardly say it's ideal. Our goal is to make it into top 3. However we dropped into the loser's bracket early on.

Now you are already in such a harsh situation. You will be playing two sets of BO 1 game, and you have to win both the make it through. Have you had any discussions?

We have talked about our drafts already. We are still waiting to see who we are going to go up against; we will have further discussions after we have the results of Tongfu vs Navi game.

In your games against Zenith yesterday, iG made unorthodox picks such as morphling. Will more of these uncommon picks come out of the pocket today?

It all depends on what situation we are facing in the game. We would not make reservations.

We heard that after losing to DK, Zhou was holding a conference while Chuan refused to attend, is that true?

No. There was no such thing I think.

Is there any problem between teammates right now?

Everything is fine. We all hunger for victory.

Could you give us your thoughts on Alliance and Navi? If iG had a chance to go up against these two teams later, how would you try to counter them?

Alliance is relatively more farming and late-game oriented. We will have to be aggressive and try to crush them early rather than go late. Speaking of Navi, we can either try to outfarm them or we could try to be more aggressive than them. However Navi's aggression is very intense from what we see.

Some people are saying that Chinese teams are getting overrun by Western teams in both personal skills and team fight execution. Do you agree with this?

I do feel the Western teams have better team fight execution, especially on judging whether to take a particular fight or not.

Let's talk about your second game against DK yesterday. That game was indeed a record maker. You were in disadvantaged position most of the time . Could you please tell us what was in your mind back then?

We could not engage with them directly because our disadvantage was significant. What we could do is just trying to defend our high ground and fight back when they make mistakes; we did so successfully for a long while. We thought about going out and taking fights, but we decided not to. As the time goes on, DK slowed their pace of pushing, as they acknowledged that it would not be easy to push our high ground. Finally we decided to go divine rapier, and we managed to wipe them while they were trying to push into our base. In this kind of games, whoever have the most patience can win the game.

The audience was making huge sound during that game. Did you hear any of that?

We could hear the sound. I think DK was influenced by the sound as they did not force a push as everyone required.

So DK was affected. iG haven't lost a single game against DK until yesterday. What lead to your failure?

I don't think any team will keep on losing. The more they lose, the more will they try to counter us. Plus we were training with DK most of the time before TI3, they do know us well. For example they let us get Lifestealer, and picked many good counters to Lifestealer.

You will be facing Liquid later, who just kicked LGD out of the tournament, not to mention that they are the Home here. Have you prepared anything for TL?

The tournament is meant to be like this: loser goes home. Nothing needs to be prepared. We will do our best in the game. 

TL makes a lot of unorthodox picks. Will you emphasis on countering them in drafting, or just making sure you get the heroes you are comfortable with?

We will do what we always do.You will see.

Thanks for taking our interview. Any shoutouts?

Thanks for all the support from our fans, even when we are making a downturn. We will try to win every game.