The Last Try - Interview with Misery

DotA Christian “ctc-noob” Andersen
Rumours have known for some time now that a new team with Sweden Loda, Denmark Misery, Sweden Kwom and more was about to be formed. Loda and Misery both suffered under the Ravens/Kingdom merge being left without a team.

Its now official and under the name 'The Last Try' the following players will play:
Sweden Loda (Leader)
Sweden Kwom (Co-Leader)
Denmark Misery-
Sweden png
Germany Rene
Sweden Twisted

And here on gosugamers we bring a exclusive interview with former Ravens player Denmark Rasmus 'Misery-' Berth Filipsen.

What are your expectations for this team? Are you going to beat teams like Ravens and or what are you aiming for?
Misery: The goal with this team, is to become the best team in the world.

Sounds optimistic but of course you are all players from previous top teams. On the other hand couldn't it turn out to be a problem that you come from different teams and is used to different playstyles?
Misery: Well, we have ofc been playing alot together before forming this team and after alot of training it turned out that we work really great together, and theres a nice teamspirit on vent. But yeah, I guess in the beginning it was a bit hard to get a nice teamplay going, cause like you said, we all come from different top teams with different playstyle-roots..

So it sounds like your are a well-formed team. Are we going to see you perform at upcoming lan events like Dreamhack and The Expericence?
Misery: Yeah, we are for sure going to attend to Dreamhack summer this june. Not sure about The Experience though.

Loda is used to be leader in SK. Will he also be the leader of this new team?
Misery: In the beginning Loda will be sharing the leadership with Kwom.

You just annouced the team and obvious you dont got a sponsor yet. But are you actively looking for some sponsors or perhaps allready in contact with someone?
Misery: Hmm, only the time will tell.

ok :) thx for the interview