First Night of the Ancient

Posted by Philipp "ereskigal" Hartmann at 02 June 2007 20:29

n! won a showmatch versus sR in a new weekly event of, called Nights of the Ancient.

Today the first Night of the Ancient took place. n! faced sR in a showmatch which was shoutcasted by This was the start of a weekly match series.
g-FM`Future (who had already casted the eighth DotA Masters Tournament) was host and shoutcaster. n! mad (the manager of n!) was co-moderator in that showmatch.
Gamer-FM is a German page, so the cast was also German.

The match started at 18:00 CET and n! could win this game. A replay can be downloaded here.

The match up:

Sweet Revenge [sR] (Sentinel)
qop.gif Germany sR.Kog) (Top)
shadowfiend.gif Germany sR.shisha (Mid)
vengeful2.gif Germany sR.cYaInHell (Bot)
sven.gif Norway sR.BrainFreeze (Bot)
warlock.gif Sweden sR.Nachos (Bot)
n! Faculty [n!] (Scourge)
Rexxar1.gif Germany n! KuroKy (Top)
pugna.gif Germany n! U_nited (Top)
silencer.gif Germany n! pacMAN (Mid)
zeus.gif Germany n! BuGGy(Bot)
sk.gif Germany n! Chill (Bot)

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