GosuCup Round 2: Standings

Posted by Philipp "ereskigal" Hartmann at 10 February 2010 18:29
Gosucup Results round 2

GosuCup Round 2 was finished, and most games went as expected. SGC managed to beat MYM in a entertaining game where Meepo was being used. Read the Article to catch up with the latest happenings.


Winner Bracket Round 2
Australia MCiTY > Europe
Other > Ukraine DTS
Romania TeG < Russia
Slovakia SGC > Denmark MYM

Lower Bracket Round 1
Singapore XtC < Germany LAN
Germany unique < Europe TheShit!
Malaysia Kingsurf > (w.o.) Sweden DIPS
Singapore PMS|Asterisk* < United States SWM

In the Winner Bracket Nirvana.Int (ex Blight.Int) as well as lived up to their expectations. SGC proved that they are one of the best in Europe once more, with winning against MYM, and MCiTY managed to beat Tribal.Int.

In the Lower Bracket Unique, XTC, DIPS and PMS dropped out of the tournament. While unique and PMS were inferior, XTC had trouble with the latency, and DIPS has to quit GosuCup due to schedule and time complications.

To watch the games check out our Replay database.

Also do not miss the next matches:

Winner Bracket Semi Finals
Australia MCiTY vs. Other
Slovakia SGC > Russia

Lower Bracket Round 2

Denmark MYM vs. Germany LAN
Romania TeG vs. Europe TheShit
Malaysia Kingsurf vs. Ukraine DTS
Europe vs. United States SWM

All the games will be streamed via WTV and if there is no host bot used via GGTV as well. Also we try to provide you Madmortigan as our new shout-caster as often as possible. So stay tuned for the next matches and prepare your Tangos!

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