GosuCup #2 kicks off soon

DotA Philipp “ereskigal” Hartmann

After the successful launch of GosuCup, it will continue. Slight changes to aim for more entertainment.

In this second Cup, only 16 teams got invited to participate. Due to the massive amount of cups and tournaments all played in the next three months, and all played in Captain's Mode, GosuGamers changed the mode of GosuCup to Captain's Draft. We hope to see more heroes than the usual 15 and also want to challenge the team's captains with different pickings.
We also got some Asian teams this time, to spice things up for the fans.

A playday will last one week, and as many games as possible will be streamed via WaaaghTV this time. For those of you who are only comfortable with GarenaTV check out the tutorial of WTV.

Australia TobyWanKenobi agreed on shoutcasting the most interesting matches, and those will also be available at Gamestah in their VoD section later.

Everything is settled for you, don't forget your Popcorn and stay tuned. Wait, really everything? Of course you want to know the teampool, and here we are:

Sweden DIPS
Europe Tribal
Europe TheShit
Ukraine DTS
Germany dmZ
Malaysia Kingsurf
Europe Blight.int
Singapore PMS
Europe MYM
United States Pandemic
Australia MCiTY
Canada PokerIdol
Singapore XtC
Slovakia Storm Games Clan
Germany Team Thermaltake
Romania The elder Gods

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