Razer and Garena Introduce New Tournament, for Pro's and Amateurs Alike!

DotA Vincent “em0_llama” Nunes
One can only acknowledge the increased activity within the DotA professional scene over the past couple months; and here we find ourselves faced with yet another tournament.

EDC will be sponsored by Razer and co-organised by Garena.com. Through the use of GarenaTV, organisers will look to provide DotA fans with daily broadcasts of high levels games, as well as Europe's most promising prodigies.

EDC will be comprised of two events: The Professional League and The Amateur Tournament.

The Professional Tournament will be fiercely contested by teams such as MYM, fnatic and DTS, all looking to win the $2500 cash prize.

The following six teams have been invited directly:

Europe xFz.int
Europe fnatic
Denmark MYM
Germany dmZ
Romania TeG
Ukraine DTS

The other four teams will be determined through the means of a qualifier tournament. In order to ease things for spectates, the organsiers have set playdays as well as specific playtimes. The playdays are Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. The playtimes are 18:00, 20:00 and 22:00 CET.

The EDC Amateur Tournament will be structured similarly to the previous tournament held by Garena, EEDC. This tournament will consist of eight regional qualifiers with four teams qualifying from each region. Therefore there will be 32 teams competing in the playoffs, with the winners being invited to the next season of the league, as well as being named Best European Rising Star.

Teams can sign up from Monday 9th November.

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