MuShI: "We are willing to try out really creative heroes."

Posted by Vincent "em0_llama" Nunes at 31 October 2009 13:40
GosuGamers proudly bring you the translation of MuShI’s interview, conducted by Sgamer.

Right after the disbandment of Mineski.My, Malaysian powerhouse Malaysia Cybertime has announced roster changes by adding two of Malaysia Mineski's superstars, Malaysia XtiNcT and Malaysia xiGz, whileMalaysia Winter, their primary ganker, has been removed in the process.

Chinese website Sgamer has conducted an interview with the captain of Cybertime, Malaysia MuShI, in order to ask questions regarding their previous involvement in ESTC and the new roster for SGNDT later in November.

Hi, I am a journalist from Sgamer. Do you mind introducing yourself? Most people in the Chinese community are unfamiliar with you.

-Hi, my name is Mushi and I am 19 years old. I am currently playing for Cybertime and various roles, including support. I have been playing DotA for four years now.

Who were the members of your former team and what role did they play?

- Sharky - Carry.
Net - Support and primary strat caller.
Winter - Ganker.
Mushi – Carry/ ganker.

I always felt that our team was a four man team, as we were never able to find a suitable fifth.

There have been rumors floating around stating that iceiceice has left AEON in order to join Cybertime. Is this true?

-I don't think so. Considering that xiGz and XtiNcT joined the team recently. Our roster at the moment is me, Net, Sharky, XtiNcT, xiGz, and Sharky

Cybertime has undergone various roster changes over the past few months and the obvious one would have to be the departure of Monk3y. Are there any internal problems within the team?

-With regards to Monk3y, there were a few personality clashes between him and the team. Therefore, he left and we respect his decision. However, we quickly found a great replacement for him in the form of Sharky from iNc`xLo.

It seems that there are a lot of roster changes going around the Malaysian competitive DotA scene. Doesn’t it bring a negative impact overall?

-Fortunately, my team has stayed together for quite a while now. Regardless, I am confident that we can triumph at SMM with our new roster.

The SMM tournament this November will be quite a big gathering involving 3 continents from around the globe, Asia, Europe and America. In your opinion, who will be in the top three at the end?

-EHOME, iceiceice's team, and us, obviously.

MYM will also be participating however, it doesn't seem like you think that they will be a threat. Why?

-Because I believe that Asian style DotA is superior to the European style. However, I am looking forward to playing against them.

Have you developed any special tactics for SMM?

-Of course we have. By the time the tournament comes, we will be using our best tactic in order win the SMM.

Which Chinese teams have you practised against and who do you think will be your biggest competitor?/

-We don’t usually practise against Chinese teams, but I think EHOME should be our biggest challenge.

How long does you team train per day?

-We usually play around 6 to 7 hours together. We tried training for 10 hours in the past, but it was too tiring.

Mineski_DotA_ADCPH_09.jpgYeah I guess, especially since you still have to work and rest. Viewing some photos of Malaysia, there seem to be quite a few good looking woman. Do you have a girlfriend?

-Personally, I prefer Thai girls. Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to get a girlfriend.

Do you have a soft spot for Thai girls?

-It's a secret...

At ESTC, Thailand, you guys lost to XtC in the finals. What seemed to be the problem there?

-We regret the fact that we were not able to win. However, it was a mixed clan and we had only played together for 2 days, but I am very impressed with our achievement. The cash prize between the first and second place was far too large though.

Yes, the difference in prizes was almost tenfold. It is however, quite impressive that even though Cybertime has been so unstable recently, you have managed to maintain a good record. How did you do it?

-We prepare very hard and we are willing to try out really creative heroes. It seems all our effort is paying off.

What do you think of the current DotA version (6.64)? What sort of playstyle do think it favours?

-It is decent. I think the current DotA version is more inclined towards late gamers. I am looking forward to 6.65 though.

Best of luck at SMM and thank you for this interview. Any last shoutouts?

-The first day of SMM happens to be my birthday, so I hope the title will be my gift. I hope Papaxiong and Iceiceice will be able to participate in the tournament.

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