Eryc with legal actions against JoliE and

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Controversy has followed team AEON as the uprising, kick and new pick up was made. Yesterday, old AEON team member JoliE issued a statement to myMYM claiming his old team manager, Eryc, to be a liar, owing them lots of money.

Now, Eryc strikes back, taking legal actions towards both JoliE and for attacking his person with false claims, solely to throw his reputation in the mud. Eryc shares a statement exclusively to GosuGamers.

"I just went to the lawyer company with JoliE's contract and statement on to analys it", Eryc says, "where we then decided to take legal actions to protect my name. JoliE's words in his statement contradicts what's said in our contract."

Eryc also points a finger to what made JoliE angry, pushing him to write the destructive statement.

"He wanted me to sponsor azn", he says. "From the first paragrah of his statement, it's not hard to see that he was angry because I picked fnatic and decided to sponsor them to SMM instead of azn." also in trouble
Not only JoliE got himself in to trouble when writing the statement, but also myMYM, who published the statement, will be taken in to legal actions according to Eryc.

"At the same time, i will also take legal action agains for putting up this statement without even confirming the truth. When people use unproffesional way to revenge, I will not not argue childishly. The terms stated in the contracts are very clear, it's the same when I bring it for lawyer analysment."

GosuGamers will keep our readers updated as the drama unfolds.

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