Gosucup.Dota: Round 2 complete, next up Quarterfinals!

DotA Maaz “maaz139” Ahmad
With all matches of Round 2 completed we move on to the the Quaterfinals of the Winner Bracket.

Round 2 of the Gosucup has been completed, alot has happened; some exciting matches and a few upsets. In case you missed any of it we are here to update you with all the happenings!

Some giants namely Europe fnatic.Dota, Europe Ks.int and Romania TEG strongly progressed as expected:

Europe fnatic.Dota > Bulgaria Ret. Replay
Europe Ks.int > Europe pMp Replay
Europe xteam < Romania TEG

Europe Apteka also played and won against Ukraine DTS.Chatrix.Dota, but the biggest surprise was delivered by the Spaniards Spain Non (Yess Spanish!!) who managed to beat the American powerhouse United States EG, one of the favourites to win the competition.

Europe Apteka > Ukraine DTS.Chatrix Replay
Spain Non > United States EG Replay

The matches mentioned above are from the WB and the losing teams are still in the competition.

The Quaterfinals and the Round 2 of the LB are scheduled to be played on the following timespan: July, 20th - July, 26th . Be sure to follow as the tournament heats up!

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Maaz “maaz139” Ahmad