.exe vs. uE

Posted by Bruno "shostakovich" Tomaz at 08 November 2011 18:03

.exe and uE are fighting to decide who'll join MUFC at the ROCCAT GosuCup #4 Grand Finals. And both teams are a treat to watch because they're always surprising us with uncommon picks like Pandaren Brewmaster and Lifestealer.

While .exe won their games against NFO showing a crushing mid-game, uE played two solid 4-1 games, allowing their carry to get strong in time to win the game. However, because both teams usually plays uncommon heroes, it's hard to predict what kind of game we'll have.

.exe at ROCCAT DotA GosuCup 4 playoffs
Germany .exe France NFO France NFO Germany .exe
Lanes Lanes
Sentinel - Venomancer MOVE.exe (Mid) Priestess of the Moon 1337.exe (Bot) Broodmother RICE.exe (Top) Earthshaker theEDE (Bot) Night Stalker JUKE.exe (Mid) Sentinel Oblivion Ph0eNiiX (Top) Earthshaker Tzar_- (Top) Venomancer radiobouffon (Bot) Lich LEGENDARYDANE (Mid) Spectre Virus.7ckngMad (Mid)
Scourge Beastmaster Virus.7ckngMad (Mid) Crystal Maiden LEGENDARYDANE (Top) Obsidian Destroyer radiobouffon (Top) Lich Ph0eNiiX (Bot) Windrunner Tzar_- (Bot) Scourge Holy Knight MOVE.exe (Jungle) Faerie Dragon 1337.exe (Bot) Lifestealer JUKE.exe (Mid) Windrunner RICE.exe (Top) Ancient Apparition theEDE (Mid)
Length: 32:19 Replay Length: 31:18 Replay
.exe's Collective Games
Overall Strategy
With two big victories against NFO, .exe is definitely on fire. By having a pick range that goes from the orthodox to unorthodox heroes like Naix, they're able to be unpredictable. Like the past stages of the ROCCAT CosuCup, their emphasis still lies on the mid-game, favoring initiators and semi-carries. Most importantly, they play aggressive games, always seeking action and initiative. Notes: • Aggressiveness. • Powerful mid-game • Large pick range Notable heroes: • Puck • Lifestealer • Night Stalker
Early GameMid GameLate Game
In the early game, .exe has a tendency of setting a dual lane on mid, placing one of their key heroes and a support, making sure that the key hero will be protected and have the necessary farm to unleash it's potential in the mid-game. The mid-game is the key stage for .exe. Their heroes will likely have their needed items to seek and initiate fights. With their supports and semi-carries, they're able to run around the map and execute gank-into-push manuevers, killing the enemy heroes and profiting from it, taking map control away from the enemy and furthering their dominion over the game. Because .exe normally wins in the mid-game, we normally don't have the chance to see them performing in the late-game. But it' safe to imagine that a solid mid-game will allow their carries to be strong enough to endure the late-game
Map ControlTeamfightsFarm Distribution
Favoring initiators and heroes that can run around very fast, .exe has a very solid case on getting the map control and never letting it go. Also, when the mid-game starts, they immediately buy two sets of wards to prepare their game and setup the ganks. Before seeking big team-fights, .exe tries to get an edge by ganking one hero and forcing a 5v4 situation. Their map dominant lineup allows them to execute such plan perfectly. .exe leaves most of the farm to their semi-carries. Because of the gank-into-push scheme, the sucessful ganks and the destroyed towers brings a huge gold influx to the team, allowing even supports to have their so needed items.
uE at ROCCAT DotA GosuCup 4 playoffs
Brazil uE United States Ez Style United States eZ style Brazil uE
Lanes Lanes
Sentinel Ancient Apparition Dias- (Top) Nerubian Weaver brTTisOnFIREg (Top) Batrider FiREG.4Dr (Mid) Venomancer esaa- (Bot) Rogue Knight domy (Jungle) Sentinel Earthshaker 1437 (Bot) Windrunner Power-Net (Top) Venomancer UNiVeRsE (Mid) Night Stalker inphinity (Mid) Shadow Demon ColtM_ (Bot)
Scourge Vengeful Spirit 1437 (Top) Tormented Soul UNiVeRsE (Top) Omniknight ColtM_ (Mid) Faerie Dragon inphinity (Bot) Lycanthrope Power-Net (Jungle) Scourge Holy Knight domy (Roaming) Pandaren Brewmaster esaa- (Mid) Clockwerk FiREG.4Dr (Top) Vengeful Spirit Dias- (Roaming) Nerubian Weaver brTTisOnFIREg (Bot)
Length: 39:10 Replay Length: 47:28 Replay
uE's Collective Games
Overall Strategy
With a 2-0 against eZ style, uE definitely claimed the respect of the community, showing two very intense 4-1 matches, where the team is always creating action in the map and opening space for their carry to farm safely. They're also very astute at reading the enemy's plan and doing something to delay it. And if good DotA isn't enough, they still bring uncommon heroes to the pool. You gotta love them. Notes: • Strong 4-1 • Uncommon picks • Mid-late game focused Notable heroes: • Nerubian Weaver • Pandaren Brewmaster
Early GameMid GameLate Game
uE's early game has one objective: prepare the 4-1 on the mid-game, leading into an orthodox opening where you only try to get the needed farm and experience. However, depending on the opponent's strategy, uE can deviate from this path and attack the enemy plan. For example, they can send roaming heroes to the jungle in order to deny farm from the opponent, delaying their development. The mid-game is the heart of uE's game. It's where they run their 4-1 strategy, using four heroes to create pressure on the map and force the opponent to answer. This way, they're able to create space for their carry, who keeps farming and getting stronger to the late-game. With their carry fully-farmed, the whole uE team is now able to walk together and actively seek fights. They make intense use of Smoke of Deceit to get the best fights possible. With a team normally made of initiators, late-game supporters and a hard-carry in their ranks, they are definitely strong in this stage.
Map ControlTeamfightsFarm Distribution
uE's 4-1 is mostly constructed around wards. There are other elements who give them map control: long-range initiators and skills that provides vision (Plague Ward, Howl of Terror, Rocket Flare) enhance their control over the map. Because of the 4-1 style, uE is likely to get into a lot of 4v5 situations. Because of this, before getting into team-fights and exchanges, the brazillian squad tries to win all the time they can by threatening towers with four heroes while letting the carry farming safely elsewhere. The majority of the farm is given to their carry. Ocasional jungling and the ganks created by the 4-1 helps increasing the gold influx, allowing every hero their so needed items.
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Monday, November 20th
GosuBet Comments
Similiar to uE's game vs ez, we believe it will be mostly betters of South American origin placing their bets in uE as others aren't as familiar with them. On the contrary exe's results have been really impressing and they're doing really great right now. We believe exe will be looking stronger in the eyes of the tango-owners.



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