Pre-Match Analysis: MUFC vs. PANZER

Posted by David "Saguine" Horscroft at 04 November 2011 20:58

Malaysia and Germany are now set against each other as the pressure rises. On the one side we have PANZER, a selection of German players known for their gutsy, crazy play and solid mid-game domination.

PANZER have been on the rise recently, performing extremely well at ICS and proving very solid when under pressure. Pitted against them is one of the higher-tier Malaysian teams, MUFC, who competed at The International recently. Both teams have won the last two games played: this round is sure to be a scorcher!

MUFC at ROCCAT DotA GosuCup 4 playoffs
Malaysia MUFC Malaysia Orange Malaysia Orange Malaysia MUFC
Lanes Lanes
Sentinel - MUFC Queen of Pain MUFC`Sharky (Mid) Vengeful Spirit AliBaBa` (Top) Enchantress TakinBackMyLove (Top) Demon Witch too.FuckingGood (Top) Lycanthrope Ky.xY (Bot) Sentinel - Orange Holy Knight WtR (Top) Nerubian Weaver Mushi- (Top) Invoker Impressive- (Mid) Night Stalker NiCx` (Bot) Demon Witch C|anToN` (Bot)
Scourge - Orange Ancient Apparition Impressive- (Mid) Faceless Void Mushi- (Top) Windrunner NiCx` (Bot) Lich C|anToN` (Top) Earthshaker WtR (Roaming) Scourge - MUFC Templar Assassin Ky.xY (Top) Windrunner too.FuckingGood (Mid) Slithereen Guard MUFC`Sharky (Bot) Enchantress TakinBackMyLove (Jungle) Lich AliBaBa` (Jungle)
Length: 55:33 Replay Length: 24:35 Replay
MUFC's Collective Games
Overall Strategy
Coming from a 7-game winning streak in the GosuCup, MUFC are looking very strong right now. Not only are they a solid team, but things are always interesting to watch as they field curve-ball heroes like Tiny and Templar Assassin. They also have a history of dominating with Silvercross' Obsidian Destroyer. Recently defeating Orange--another Malaysian team--2:0 in the last round, MUFC seem to have their eyes fixed on first place. Notes: • Curve-ball heroes • Solid all game • Strong utility heroes • Powerful late-game Key heroes: • Vengeful Spirit • Windrunner • Obsidian Destroyer • Lina Inverse • Slithereen Guard
Early GameMid GameLate Game
In the early game, MUFC is held together by their support heroes. Vengeful Spirit and Crystal Maiden are popular picks, and are used to pull pressure of the mid-game carries and protect the late-game powerhouses through the critical early game. In the mid-game, with the utility heroes (such as Venomancer) and the mid-game carries (such as Slardar), MUFC gets a lot more powerful, very quickly. They use this stage to start going on the offensive in a 4-man army, exerting pressure on their opponents to draw fire away from their late-game carry. This sets them up for an ideal late game, which is when.... .... that late-game carry comes into force. Heroes like Obsidian Destroyer pack a lot of punch when farmed, and when assisted by heroes like Slardar and Invoker they really bring a lot of damage to the table. Right now, MUFC drives for heavy, 5v5 teamfights, taking control and decimating enemies with their carries before pushing in the interim.
Map ControlTeamfightsFarm Distribution
Solid map control is vital, and MUFC assures this by adhering to a comprehensive warding scheme. During the mid-game 4-man strategy, map control is vital, and will allow MUFC to run rampant. In the mid-game, MUFC has to fight battles 4v5 very often. For most teams this would be an issue. However, MUFC offsets this by playing to their strengths: lots of mid-game heroes allows them to really hold their own in the mid-game. By the time late-game arrives, their carries are definitely farmed enough, and the 5v5 teamfights start falling in MUFC's favour definitively. MUFC spreads their farm around their semi-carries and mid-game carries evenly early, sometimes at the expense of their central carry. This is not a weakness, however: the increased farm on the mid-game heroes allows them to watch the late-game carry's back far better, allowing greater farm and letting them exert lots of pressure on their opponents.
PANZER at ROCCAT DotA GosuCup 4 playoffs
Europe CC Germany PANZER Germany PANZER Europe CC
Lanes Lanes
Sentinel - CC Alchemist EG.misery- (Bot) Enigma SevenTeenSeVen (Jungle) Broodmother GrasshopperXYZ (Top) Priestess of the Moon FMercury (Mid) Vengeful Spirit jjdarmody (Bot) Sentinel - PANZER Enigma PANZERREINHARDT (Jungle) Priestess of the Moon PANZERLEAF (Top) Ancient Apparition PANZERRMN (Mid) Night Stalker $©arlשox (Bot) Vengeful Spirit PANZERJIMARAS (Bot)
Scourge - PANZER Prophet PANZERREINHARDT (Jungle) Warlock PANZERMN (Mid) Windrunner PANZERLEAF (Bot) Anti-Mage $©arlשox (Top) Crystal Maiden PANZERJIMARAS (Jungle) Scourge - CC Lycanthrope EG.misery- (Mid) Vengeful Spirit GrasshopperXYZ (Bot) Faerie Dragon JJ.Darmody (Bot) Templar Assassin SevenTeenSeVen (Jungle) Bounty Hunter FMercury (Top)
Length: 41:24 Replay Length: 40:24 Replay
PANZER's Collective Games
Overall Strategy
PANZER also rose out of the last round 2:0, crusading through "Creamy Centre" and their roster of ex-MYM players. PANZER is known for their brutally astute play, relying on versatile, mobile carries, hard hitting manoeuvres and (most importantly) unpredictable, crazy play. Playing against PANZER must be a nightmare: you never know what to expect from them. Be afraid: be very afraid. Notes: • High mobility picks • Versatile carries • Unpredictable play Key heroes: • Storm Spirit • Vengeful Spirit • Lycanthrope
Early GameMid GameLate Game
With their diverse roles, PANZER works well early game. Using their supports and common jungle heroes in the bush allows their laning heroes to not only have farm and experience, but also strengthens their long lane. With bursts of unprovoked violence in the lanes early, PANZER keeps enemies on their toes and on the defensive in the early game. The versatile carries of PANZER come into their own here, making full use of their mobility and high burst damage to take out key heroes before they push. This is the stage of their game when they are at their strongest, and most able to engage in risky, balls-to-the-wall play. PANZER should start buckling down and trying to end things now. With their carries at their fullest killing potential. they need to gun for teamfights. If the mid-game went to their advantage, they will have the power to slam through opposition and end things quickly.
Map ControlTeamfightsFarm Distribution
With high-mobility heroes like Storm Spirit, PANZER has a large amount of map control. They can use this to their definite advantage, allowing them to to gank and run amok with near-impunity. Enemies will be forced to play defensively, limiting their farm and mobility. PANZER liked to rely on their high-octane nightmare carries in order to take out key heroes through the mid-game. They they use their strength to finish teamfights (very often with flair and pizazz) with a full complement of heroes. Through relying on multiple mid-game carries, PANZER sorts out their farm distribution in a very linear order. The central hard-hitters get the most farm, while supports and pushers still manage to get their fair share. Furthermore, each hero will inevitably get some ganking gold during PANZER's romp across the map.
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Monday, November 7th
GosuBet Comments
Hard to say how the community will place their precious tangos in this game, since everyone knows hosting will be a big factor. Both teams did really well in the quarter finals, but we still predict Mufc to be the slightly heavier name in terms of attracting bets.



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