Pre-Match Analysis: .exe vs. Virus

Posted by David "Saguine" Horscroft at 30 October 2011 00:29

The winner of group A faces the winner of group B. This pits the German team .exe against the French team Virus. Both teams are seen to focus on the mid game, playing large arrays of mid-game carries such as Broodmother, Invoker, Weaver, Puck, Queen of Pain, Beastmaster and Windrunner. 

This means that we should really be in for a heated mid-game clash, with plenty of early-game aggression and some power-struggles on the side. While Virus is more established than .exe, even going so far as to compete in The International for Dota 2, .exe will definitely not go down without a fight. A great aspect in this upcoming battle is a lack of reliance on farm. Since both teams have their farm distribution fairly well organised, we can expect a lot more high-pitched battles and edge-of-your-seat maneuvers than usual. With these two European teams raring to go, this looks like a match not to miss!

.exe at ROCCAT DotA GosuCup 4 playoffs
Germany .exe Greece icon Greece ion Germany .exe Germany .exe Egypt Chaos Crew
Lanes Lanes Lanes
Sentinel - .exe Broodmother rice.exe (Bot) Lich MOVE.exe (Top) Queen of Pain JUKE.exe (Mid) Shadow Fiend sneakybstrd.exe (Top) Earthshaker theEDE (Top) Sentinel - icon Lich SalataMeTango (Mid) Windrunner tnsfeat (Top) Queen of Pain salpi (Mid) Necrolyte kudwni (Jungle) Pandaren Brewmaster i.MbA (Bot) Sentinel - .exe Crystal Maiden MOVE.exe (Bot) Shadow Fiend sneakybstrd.exe (Bot) Earthshaker theEDE (Bot) Broodmother rice.exe (Top) Lord of Olympia JUKe.exe (Mid)
Scourge - icon (Winners) Enigma kudwni (Mid) Slithereen Guard salpi (Top) Windrunner i.MbA (Top) Sand King tnsfeat (Bot) Venomancer SalataMeTango (Top) Scourge - .exe Faerie Dragon sneakybstrd.exe (Top) Witch Doctor theEDE (Mid) Obsidian Destroyer JUKE.exe (Mid) Invoker rice.exe (Bot) Holy Knight MOVE.exe (Jungle) Scourge - Chaos Crew Lich CC.B (Mid) Windrunner CC.P (Bot) Sand King CC.4 (Top) Faceless Void CC.M (Mid) Enchantress CC.F (Roaming)
Length: 36:21 Replay Length: 52:59 Replay Length: 39:23 Replay
Denmark monkeybusiness Germany .exe Sweden FUBAR Germany .exe Germany .exe Serbia eu4ia
Lanes Lanes Lanes
Sentinel - monkeybusiness Windrunner monkey.512 (Bot) Nerubian Weaver monkey.link (Bot) Faerie Dragon monkeycalc (Top) Enigma Ryze_ (Jungle) Magnataur nevo.angel (Mid) Sentinel - FUBAR Ancient Apparition etakaka (Top) Earthshaker chw (Top) Crystal Maiden ice_cream_man (Mid) Stealth Assassin JojjeHaxX (Mid) Faerie Dragon QuiX- (Bot) Sentinel - .exe Lich MOVE.EXE (Top) Beastmaster RICE.exe (Bot) Priestess of the Moon v1Ctory. (Top) Earthshaker theEDE (Top) Windrunner JUKE.exe (Mid)
Scourge - .exe Vengeful Spirit MOVE.exe (Top) Beastmaster sneakybastard (Mid) Earthshaker theEDE (Top) Moon Rider JUKE.exe (Top) Broodmother rice.exe (Bot) Scourge - .exe Venomancer GANK.exe (Top) Faceless Void TestOfPatience. (Top) Nerubian Weaver ROCK.exe (Bot) Enigma MOVE.exe (Jungle) Prophet SNEAKYBASTARD. (Jungle) Scourge - eu4ia Phantom Assassin eu4ia)CeLa (Mid) Enigma RealToxi (Jungle) Vengeful Spirit Stevica (Roaming) Faerie Dragon eu4ia)Davaii (Top) Omniknight eu4ia)m1ndfever (Bot)
Length: 41:24 Replay Length: 78:06 Replay Length: 30:18 Replay
.exe's Collective Games
Overall Strategy
.exe is a fairly dynamic German team, notable for their wide spread of picks. While they rely on two or three heroes heavily, they have picked a wide array of heroes during this GosuCup. They generally field a set of mid-game carries with some pure support heroes, interspersing heroes such as Broodmother and Beastmaster with ones such as Lich and Vengeful Spirit. This lends to aggressive, entertaining play early which helps them to secure mid-game domination. Notes: • Unpredictable lineup • Strong support • Solid both mid- and late-game Key heroes: • Broodmother • Earthshaker
Early GameMid GameLate Game
It is difficult to fight .exe in the early game, unless you counter their early strength with more of the same. Their large amount of disablers such as Earthshaker and Vengeful Spirit mean that, not only are their carries generally quite safe early, but their supports provide heavy cover to their lanes through roaming. .exe really has the ability to have a strong early game, which in turn gives them a smooth transition into having a powerful mid-game. Mid-game is where .exe really starts to shine. Fielding heroes such as Broodmother, Shadow Fiend, Beastmaster and Lich allow them to convincingly win team-fights, as well as push heavily in the interim. A wise team would definitely ban .exe's Broodmother, as you can see from her last three games that none of them lasted past 42 minutes. Other semi-carries such as Invoker and Puck also really come into their own right now, giving .exe a lot of initiation power. .exe can safely go into the late game, even against arguably stronger carries, with their general lineups. With a good mid-game, carries such as Nevermore and Broodmother can decimate teams late-game, especially when complemented by strong support heroes like Vengeful Spirit and Earthshaker. With strong initiators, .exe also has the ability to rapidly take advantage of any positioning mistakes their opponents make.
Map ControlTeamfightsFarm Distribution
With both Broodmother and Rexxar as popular picks, .exe have shown that they can have strong map control and vision through summon scouting. Furthermore, their occasional jungle hero picks, like Furion, Enigma and Chen, allow them to run a very safe long lane. With a strong jungle hero (often accompanied by a support like Vengeful Spirit), it becomes very dangerous for enemies to move through the jungle to gank the long lane, which is why this is so powerful in securing a safe early game for their long-lane hero. Not only does .exe field heroes with strong initiation abilities (such as Rexxar and Puck), but they also field very powerful follow-up initiators (such as Enigma and Shadow Fiend). This gives them a lot of disable and power in mid- and late- game fights. The farm for .exe is almost always channeled towards their two main mid-game carries, in order to allow them to remain powerful into the late game. With junglers like Chen and Furion, as well as Venomancer (who can farm and stack Ancients) their supports will also inevitably get gold during the game, fleshing them out and giving them survivability in the teamfights.
Virus at ROCCAT DotA GosuCup 4 playoffs
Denmark Monkey France Virus Denmark Monkey France Virus France Virus Denmark Monkey
Lanes Lanes Lanes
Sentinel - Monkey Beastmaster monkey.512 (Bot) Spectre monkey.link (Bot) Lightning Revenant nevo.angel (Mid) Vengeful Spirit Trew (Bot) Batrider monkeycalc (Top) Sentinel - Monkey (Winner) Batrider monkey.512 (Bot) Vengeful Spirit monkey.link (Top) Netherdrake nevo.angel (Mid) Crystal Maiden Trew (Mid) Undying monkeycalc (Top) Sentinel - Virus Omniknight Virus.7ckngMad (Bot) Ancient Apparition V.769.Ksky (Bot) Anti-Mage radiobouffon (Top) Crystal Maiden V.Mdj.Ksky (Roaming) Faerie Dragon garter (Mid)
Scourge - Virus Priestess of the Moon garter (Bot) Earthshaker V.769.Ksky (Top) Obsidian Destroyer radiobouffon (Top) Omniknight Virus.7ckngMad (Mid) Lich V.Mdj.Ksky (Bot) Scourge - Virus Priestess of the Moon garter (Bot) Venomancer V.769.Ksky (Top) Night Stalker radiobouffon (Mid) Beastmaster Virus.7ckngMad (Top) Lich V.Mdj.Ksky (Mid) Scourge - Monkey Venomancer monkeycalc (Mid) Witch Doctor monkey.512 (Bot) Broodmother money.link (Top) Enigma Trew (Jungle) Spectre nevo.angel (Bot)
Length: 46:27 Replay Length: 47:28 Replay Length: 27:16 Replay
France Virus Greece icon France Virus Russia OSI France Virus Turkey Kye
Lanes Lanes Lanes
Sentinel - Virus Windrunnner V.garter.Ksky (Roaming) Vengeful Spirit V.Mdj.Ksky (Bot) Anti-Mage V.Sockshka.Ksky (Bot) Crystal Maiden V.769.Ksky (Bot) Broodmother V.7ckngMad.Ksky (Top) Sentinel - Virus Oblivion V.garter.Ksky (Mid) Windrunner V.769.Ksky (Top) Night Stalker V.Sockshka.Ksky (Top) Lich V.7ckngMad.Ksky (Bot) Vengeful Spirit V.Mdj.Ksky (Top) Sentinel - Virus Windrunner V.7ckngMad.Ksky (Top) Priestess of the Moon V.garter.Ksky (Mid) Earthshaker V.Sockshka.Ksky (Bot) Vengeful Spirit V.769.Ksky (Jungle) Holy Knight V.Mdj.Ksky (Jungle)
Scourge - icon Earthshaker mrk_ (Bot) Batrider tnsfeat (Top) Venomancer iMbAaAz (Bot) Ancient Apparition AddictedToMH (Mid) Drow Ranger salpi (Bot) Scourge - OSI Nerubian Assassin ^Sile (Jungle) Beastmaster iTs)6am6yk(TiMe (Mid) Necrolyte zbestt (Top) Enigma kas5er (Bot) Crystal Maiden Alt2Q (Roaming) Scourge - Kye Warlock AliveButDead (Top) Beastmaster PosingAsMe (Mid) Clockwerk Goblin TimeWanderer (Bot) Lich 4undead (Bot) Lycanthrope Kye.FrastY (Jungle)
Length: 26:16 Replay Length: 38:22 Replay Length: 34:55 Replay
Germany PANZER France Virus France Virus Serbia Eu4ia
Lanes Lanes
Sentinel - PANZER Windrunner leaf (Top) Doom Bringer FiresKatze (Mid) Faceless Void PANZERRMN (Bot) Warlock rawr456 (Bot) Vengeful Spirit PANZERJimaras (Mid) Sentinel - Virus Tidehunter V.769.Ksky (Bot) Windrunner garter (Top) Beastmaster Virus.7ckngMad (Bot) Ancient Apparition radiobouffon (Mid) Holy Knight Maldejambes (Jungle)
Scourge - Virus Crystal Maiden V.769.Ksky (Top) Priestess of the Moon garter (Roaming) Night Stalker radiobouffon (Top) Omniknight Virus.7ckngMad (Mid) Holy Knight Maldejambes (Jungle) Scourge - Eu4ia Lycanthrope CeLa_- (Bot) Vengeful Spirit eu4ia)Luci (Jungle) Faerie Dragon eu4ia)Davaii (Top) Templar Assassin eu4ia)FATA- (Mid) Enigma Stevica (Bot)
Length: 48:29 Replay Length: 32:19 Replay
Virus' Collective Games
Overall Strategy
Virus is a well-established French DotA team who base their strategy largely around strong, repeated picks and playing to their player strengths. This leads to a large amount of heroes being picked multiple times over their GosuCup #4 history. These picks tend to rely on heroes who have a high-risk high-reward playstyle, such as Balanar, Priestess of the Moon and Windrunnner, which gives Virus a very menacing mid-game. Notes: • Specialized players • Lots of semi-carries • High-risk/High-reward play • Strong mid-game Key heroes: • Mirana • Omniknight • Night Stalker • Chen • Lich • Windrunner
Early GameMid GameLate Game
Despite their reliance on mid-game oriented semi-carries, Virus has the potential for a very strong, passive early game. This is enabled either by strong early laners (such as Windrunner, Lich and PotM) and/or adept jungle heroes (such as Chen). This allows them to repel most early-game aggression, setting them up for some mid-game domination. This stage of the game is where Virus shines. Taking strong mid-game heroes such as Omniknight, Priestess of the Moon, Windrunner and Night Stalker, and combining them with strong disablers such as Windrunner and Vengeful Spirit, Virus ends up with a highly versatile team of heroes who can deal a lot of damage very quickly. Opponents are forced into a very defensive playstyle to avoid getting torn apart by roaming semi-carries. If all goes well for Virus in the mid-game, they will be set for a very short late-game period, during which they will set about ending things as soon as possible. With tanky heroes like Omniknight and Balanar, or heroes with naturally high DPS like Windrunner and PotM, Virus can survive late game and wait for the perfect opportunity to take the victory.
Map ControlTeamfightsFarm Distribution
Chen, Beastmaster and Night Stalker all lend to strong map vision and control. Furthermore, mobile ganking heroes like PotM and Windrunner also put a lot of pressure on enemies to play more defensively. In this way, Virus exerts global pressure whenever one of their heroes is missing. While any hero missing is always a concern, Virus' use of long-ranged heroes like Priestess of the Moon, as well as fast heroes like Night Stalker, means that opponents will have even less time to react. This forces them to choose: last hit those two extra creeps, or get back to tower hug? With this constant pressure, teams will often choose to sacrifice farm in order to play cautiously, giving Virus an advantage. Virus are better off when fighting teamfights on their own terms, and generally target smaller groups of heroes. With highly mobile heroes, they can cross the map and gank a small group of heroes in much larger numbers, securing small, repeated teamfights and then pushing while their opponents are at a disadvantage. In selecting heroes with high natural DPS, Virus cleverly deals with an implicit problem of fielding too many carries. In these lineups, any hero can get farm, in any ratio, and as long as they use their skills to their full potential one will find that they use whatever items they have to devastating effect.
40 % 60
GosuBet Comments
exe has been flying under the radar in events so far. They have an impressive roster but haven't really played in any top event so the outcome is hard to estimate. The community will probably put faith in their recent impressive results plus their equally as impressive roster. However, we think that Virus will get the most tangos because of their recent stability and greater exposure.



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