Pre-Match Analysis: MUFC vs. Orange

Posted by David "Saguine" Horscroft at 30 October 2011 12:50

The winner of group G faces the winner of group H. This sets up a double Malaysian clash, with MUFC squaring off against Orange. Both teams have a penchant for centering their games around heavy mid-game and late-game carries. 

While there may be less early pushing and ganking from this match-up, we can definitely expect some fantastic teamfights and epic battles as carries such as Spectre, Obsidian Destroyer, Morphling and N'aix tear each other up. With titles such as the 2010 ESWC Malaysia tournament, as well as multiple awards and accolades in the Asiatic leagues, MUFC is looking strong. Orange, however, will definitely be no pushover: with well known, skilled players such as Mushi-, as well as a set of other strong players with recent titles to their name. This will no doubt be an interesting game.

MUFC at ROCCAT DotA GosuCup 4 playoffs
Thailand Mith.Trust Malaysia MUFC Malaysia Noble.my Malaysia MUFC Vietnam Skynet Malaysia MUFC
Lanes Lanes Lanes
Sentinel - Mith.Trust Rogue Knight MiTH-TrlaOFfy (Roaming) Windrunner MiTH-Trll3nu (Top) Crystal Maiden Mith-trltz- (Roaming) Beastmaster MiTH-TrlsD (Mid) Morphling MiTH-TrLaKelz (Bot) Sentinel - Noble.my Ancient Apparition MemoryAlex (Top) Nerubian Weaver -yL- (Top) Prophet WoA!N! (Mid) Earthshaker 831` (Mid) Lone Druid LaNcE-l (Bot) Sentinel - Skynet Windrunner SkyNet.LonelY (Top) Invoker SykNet.Nol0v3 (Mid) Venomancer SkyNet.Moon (Bot) Crystal Maiden skynet.kazu (Jungle) Lycanthrope skynet.tungcon (Jungle)
Scourge - MUFC Slithereen Guard MUFC`Sharky(Top) Obsidian Destroyer mufc.nick (Mid) Faerie Dragon MUFC`ling (Bot) Witch Doctor Mufc.net (Jungle) Vengeful Spirit mufc.ky.xy (Jungle) Scourge - MUFC Geomancer TakinBackMyLove (Top) Obsidian Destroyer SilverCross` (Mid) Slayer AliBaBa` (Bot) Windrunner Ky.xY (Bot) Vengeful Spirit MUFC`Sharky (Jungle) Scourge - MUFC Lone Druid Ky.xY (Top) Lich MUFC`Sharky (Mid) Stone Giant SilverCross` (Bot) Slayer MUFC`ling (Bot) Vengeful Spirit tooFuckingNice (Jungle)
Length: 33:42 Replay Length: 45:36 Replay Length: 37:30 Replay
Malaysia MUFC Malaysia Invasion ReD Malaysia Invasion ReD Malaysia MUFC
Lanes Lanes
Sentinel - MUFC Batrider too.FuckingGood (Top) Bane Elemental TakinBackMyLove (Mid) Lifestealer SilverCross` (Bot) Vengeful Spirit MUFC`Sharky (Jungle) Tidehunter AliBaBa (Jungle) Sentinel - Invasion ReD Venomancer lolsingapore (Bot) Shadow Shaman JJ.Darmody (Bot) Anti-Mage GrasshopperXYZ (Top) Ogre Magi SevenTeenSeVen (Bot) Holy Knight FMercury (Mid)
Scourge - Invasion ReD Necro'lic ReD-KelvinTan^^ (Jungle) Spectre ReD`SNOW-| (Top) Shadow Shaman ReD-NasH (Mid) Invoker ReD-FzFz._. (Bot) Venomancer ReD-technique- (Jungle) Scourge - MUFC Windrunner SilverCross` (Top) Storm Spirit MUFC`Sharky (Mid) Rogue Knight too.FuckingGood (Mid) Crystal Maiden AliBaBa` (Bot) Centaur Warchief TakinBackMyLove (Bot)
Length: 78:37 Replay Length: 69:50 Replay
MUFC's Collective Games
Overall Strategy
MUFC is a Malaysian team which has recently been on the rise. They are very notable for their recent use of Obsidian Destroyer: a highly uncommon carry who has very high potential if played well. Something else to note from their assorted picks are their "wildcard" heroes: Geomancer, N'aix, Centaur Warchief and Bane Elemental are all fairly uncommon picks, which they all used to great effect. With five victories out of five games, MUFC is looking very solid right now. Notes: • Unpredictable picks • Powerful utility heroes • Solid throughout the game • Tend towards late-game domination • Very dynamic, versatile play Key heroes: • Vengeful Spirit • Windrunner • Obsidian Destroyer • Lina Inverse
Early GameMid GameLate Game
MUFC generally tends towards fielding a semi-carry heavy team. This opens up a critical area for them in the early part, when their hard carries are very vulnerable, and their semi-carries lack the punch to hold the game together. While they often field supports such as Vengeful Spirit, they are generally quite vulnerable at this stage of the game. A clever opponent will try to take MUFC by storm early game, in order to disrupt their semi-carries before the mid-game. MUFC begins to get a lot stronger during the mid-game. Since they field heroes with a lot of mid-game power (Windrunner, Tiny, Puck and Slardar, for example) this is when they start getting in control. Teams based around late-game carries protected by a heavy complement of support heroes will be very vulnerable to MUFC's strength in the mid-game. If teams aren't careful, this is when MUFC will power through and secure their late-game victory. In the five games MUFC have played in the GosuCup, they have fielded a strong carry in four of them: Obsidian Destroyer (twice), Meepo and N'aix. Each of these heroes have lots of late-game potential. Their large group of mid-game heroes enables their central carry to come into his own late-game, upon which very few teams can stand up to a farmed squad of carries.
Map ControlTeamfightsFarm Distribution
MUFC have shown time and time again that they have solid map control. Despite running a team with very few summonable scouts, they have a history of warding solidly and keeping a keen eye on the map. During the mid-game, it is both important for MUFC and their opponents to ward the map solidly, due to the mid-game power surge that the MUFC lineups usually lead to. However, MUFC needs to keep an eye on the map during the mid-game to ensure that they don't throw away their victory needlessly. From the mid-game onwards, MUFC tend to force 4v4 and 4v5 teamfights on their own turf. With their strong supports and powerful utility heroes, they are usually able to hold their own well in team fights. While they may be fighting against the odds numbers-wise, they can usually keep it together as they generally have stronger heroes in the mid-game. MUFC, due to their mass semi-carry strategies, often spread farm around greatly. While this may seem detrimental to their primary carry, it provides a very strong group of heroes throughout the game, and makes it very hard to find a weak point in their lineup.
Orange at ROCCAT DotA GosuCup 4 playoffs
Singapore GGHometeam Malaysia Orange Malaysia Orange Singapore Spy.Gaming Malaysia Invasion-ReD Malaysia Orange
Lanes Lanes Lanes
Sentinel - GGHometeam (Winner) Anti-Mage chibix33` (Bot) Nerubian Weaver RavePlue (Top) Vengeful Spirit xiaoyinggg<3 (Bot) Tidehunter Linksysx- (Bot) Night Stalker .xFreedom (Mid) Sentinel - Orange Lich Impressive- (Top) Stone Giant Mushi- (Mid) Nerubian Weaver NiCx` (Top) Rogue Knight C|anToN` (Mid) Batrider WtR (Bot) Sentinel - Invasion-ReD Ancient Apparition ReD-KelvinTan^^ (Top) Anti-Mage ReD`SNOW-| (Top) Crystal Maiden ReD-technique- (Mid) Night Stalker ReD-Fzfz._. (Mid) Venomancer ReD-NasH (Bot)
Scourge - Orange Crystal Maiden Mushi- (Bot) Slayer Impressive- (Bot) Shadow Fiend NiCx` (Mid) Batrider wtr (Top) Windrunner C|anToN` (Mid) Scourge - Spy.Gaming Vengeful Spirit hAnA^ (Top) Earthshaker wEiJiE- (Top) Demon Witch zytay3 (Mid) Broodmother cyndi (Bot) Priestess of the Moon EGEGEG (Top) Scourge - Orange Lich Impressive- (Top) Windrunner NiCx` (Top) Earthshaker C|anToN` (Top) Shadow Fiend Mushi- (Mid) Nerubian Weaver WtR (Bot)
Length: 72:43 Replay Length: 65:39 Replay Length: 104:15 Replay
Singapore GGHometeam Malaysia Orange Vietnam Skynet Malaysia Orange Malaysia Orange Vietnam Skynet
Lanes Lanes Lanes
Sentinel - GGHometeam Obsidian Destroyer Chibix33` (Mid) Batrider raveplue (Bot) Tidehunter Linksysx- (Top) Vengeful Spirit xiaoyinggg<3 (Roaming) Oblivion .xFreedom (Top) Sentinel - Skynet (Winner) Nerubian Weaver skynet.tungcon (Top) Beastmaster skynet.kazu (Mid) Invoker SkyNet.Nol0v3 (Bot) Crystal Maiden SkyNet.LonelY (Jungle) Enchantress SkyNet.Moon (Jungle) Sentinel - Orange Batrider WtR (Top) Shadow Shaman NiCx` (Mid) Morphling Mushi- (Bot) Slayer Impressive- (Jungle) Vengeful Spirit C|anToN` (Jungle)
Scourge - Orange Holy Knight Impressive- (Roaming) Night Stalker Mushi- (Mid) Spectre NiCx` (Bot) Lich C|anToN (Bot) Venomancer WtR (Top) Scourge - Orange Obsidian Destroyer Mushi- (Top) Oblivion NiCx` (Mid) Venomancer WtR (Bot) Holy Knight Impressive- (Jungle) Vengeful Spirit C|anToN` (Jungle) Scourge - Skynet Invoker SkyNet.Nol0v3 (Top) Clockwerk Goblin skynet.kazu (Mid) Windrunner skynet.tungcoon (Jungle) Holy Knight SkyNet.Moon (Jungle) Undying SkyNet.LonelY(Jungle)
Length: 74:44 Replay Length: 59:39 Replay Length: 54:24 Replay
Vietnam Skynet Malaysia Orange
Sentinel - Skynet Broodmother SkyNet.Nol0v3 (Top) Batrider skynet.kazu (Mid) Nerubian Weaver skynet.tungcon (Bot) Ogre Magi SkyNet.Moon (Jungle) Witch Doctor SkyNet.LonelY (Jungle)
Scourge - Orange Lycanthrope Mushi- (Top) Oblivion NiCx` (Mid) Sand King WtR (Bot) Holy Knight Impressive- (Jungle) Vengeful Spirit C|anToN` (Jungle)
Length: 40:30 Replay
Orange's Collective Games
Overall Strategy
Another Malaysian team, Orange is even newer than MUFC. Also on the rise, Orange is known for their cohesive teamwork which operates together to focus all their power around one or two big carries. Looking at their picks, they almost always have a heavy carry, such as Spectre or Morphling, or they rely on two powerful mid-game carries such as Shadow Fiend, Weaver or Lycanthrope. With a larger pool of support heroes, Orange are able to play a very aggressive early game in order to soften up their enemies for the mid- and late-game. Even though Orange have already lost two out of seven games, they still look like they are going to bring a fight to MUFC. Notes: • Strong main carries • Supports are vital • Can survive early game, despite fielding late-game carries Key heroes: • Batrider • Lich • Vengeful Spirit • Chen
Early GameMid GameLate Game
Orange has a very powerful early game, with supports like Vengeful Spirit and Lich keeping a close eye on their carries. Furthermore, with the Holy Knight as a commonly picked hero, the long lane becomes incredibly safe for their carry due to the jungling supporters. They also have the strength to fight early push strategies with heavy ganking and roaming from their supporters. Generally speaking Orange should have the upper hand in the early minutes. The mid-game is the most crucial stage for Orange. Hopefully, their stable early game has set up their mid-game heroes and carry well enough. If this is the case, their support heroes can continue to fulfil their role in applying pressure while allowing the primary carry to farm. This means that Orange can set up a very strong late-game. The late game is where Orange and will really bring some epic fights to the table. With a solid set of support heroes, Orange's carries will have a much easier time dealing damage to MUFC. At this stage, if all goes according to plan, their late-game carries (such as Spectre and Morphling) will be able to flatten opposing semi-carries and mid-game heroes, giving Orange a very strong position.
Map ControlTeamfightsFarm Distribution
With Chen and Venomancer as popular picks, as well as Balanar making an appearance, Orange has the ability to solidly control the map. The Chen in their jungle, coupled with a support hero, lend towards a very safe long lane, which in turn allows their carry to farm up far more efficiently. Orange needs to be dynamic during teamfights. In the mid-game, their supports can be expected to be working at 110% in order to protect the carry. However, into the late game, this shifts as Orange can start going fully onto the offensive, with well-initiated fights centered around their primary carry. Orange are wise in their hero selection, in that they do not have issues with farm distribution. Since they only have one or two carries, there will always be farm available for each. This also allows support heroes to get some farm on the side, which makes them a lot stronger in the late-game when they need to be in their best condition possible.
48 % 52
November 1st 15.00 CET
GosuBet Comments
The Malaysian modern version of "el classico", a tradition not old at all in fact, but it already feels like a classic. It's been hard to predict the outcome when these two teams have been clashing in the past, and it'll probably be about the same now. During to Orange's recent championship at ESTC and their recent exposure, the tangos will most likely lay slightly heavier on their side.



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