Pre-Analysis: eZ vs. uE

Posted by Bruno "shostakovich" Tomaz at 30 October 2011 04:36

The winner of group E faces the winner of group F, setting up a dispute for dominance between the north and the south. 

From the north, eZ style is showing the same successful team-work showed by Team USA, building their game around powerful team-fights; from the south, uE is unbeatable until now. Both teams show really emphasis on the late-game, allowing us to expect really intense battles between carriers. The winner of this match-up will advance to the semi-finals and continue to represent America in the tournament.

eZ at ROCCAT DotA GosuCup 4 playoffs
United States eZ style United States WF United States WF United States eZ style Argentina/Brazil MoaG United States eZ style
Lanes Lanes Lanes
Sentinel Broodmother INPHINITY (Top) Ancient Apparition BuLba(Mid) Windrunner Power.Net(Bot) Earthshaker 1437 (Jungle) Holy Knight UNiVeRsE(Jungle) Sentinel Clockwerk DKisMyAKANaMe- (Top) Windrunner iliekturtles (Mid) Goblin Techies boogerdik (Bot) Dark Seer mootate(Jungle) Vengeful Spirit toxin-(Jungle) Sentinel Beastmaster LekUltraLove (Mid) Windrunner nodles (Top) Priestess of the Moon ILLBECH (Bot) Ogre Magi zurdo (Roaming) Ancient Apparition Wij (Roaming)
Scourge Lycanthrope boogerdik(Top) Beastmaster iliekturtles (Mid) Batrider MuFaSa) (Bot) Keeper of the Light mootate(Jungle) Vengeful Spirit poondik(Jungle) Scourge Tormented Soul BuLba (Top) Ancient Apparition INPHINITY (Mid) Nerubian Weaver Power.Net (Bot) Earthshaker 1437 (Jungle) Enigma UNiVeRsE (Jungle) Scourge Prophet USA|Bulba (Mid) Chaos Knight Power-Net (Top) Vengeful Spirit inphinity (Roaming) Venomancer febby- (Top) Nerubian Weaver clairvoyance (Bot)
Length: 37:25 Replay Length: 36:30 Replay Length: 59:35 Replay
Canada DIE United States eZ style Argentina Blackene(| United States eZ style United States eZ style Peru PDI
Lanes Lanes Lanes
Sentinel Omniknight BABARRRRRRRRRRR (Mid) Vengeful Spirit DIE.Lust (Bot) Tidehunter Solara (Bot) Spectre febby- (Bot) Prophet Brood_Star (Roaming) Sentinel Batrider BlacKene(| (Top) Obsidian Destroyer mWy (Mid) Ancient Apparition Ninjutsu! (Bot) Undying netZachhh (Bot) Venomancer -ddx (Jungle) Sentinel Earthshaker 1437 (Top) Ancient Apparition USA|BuLba (Mid) Nerubian Weaver Power-Net (Top) Venomancer UNiVeRsE (Top) Clockwerk INPHINITY (Bot)
Scourge Earthshaker 1437 (Jungle) Ancient Apparition USA|BuLba (Mid) Windrunner UNiVeRsE (Jungle) Lycanthrope Power-Net (Top) Priestess of the Moon InPhInItY (Jungle) Scourge Vengeful Spirit 1437 (Top) Doom Bringer Power-Net (Top) Invoker USA|BuLba (Mid) Nerubian Weaver InPhInItY (Bot) Enchantress UNiVeRsE (Jungle) Scourge Vengeful Spirit PDI.mstco (Top) Windrunner PDI.Minoz (Mid) Batrider PDI.kay (Bot) Morphling PDI.GosuRay (Top) Holy Knight PDI.Draken (Top)
Length: 23:13 Replay Length: 58:09 Replay Length: 43:26 Replay
Overall Strategy
eZ style success relies on their team-fight combination: they're always strong at team-fights. With heroes like Earthshaker, Enigma and Ancient Apparition, they have a deadly setup for team-fights that gives them an edge at the mid and late-game, which allows them not only to aggressively seek the team-fights, but to turtle if needed, because they can easily fit a carry into their team. With such strategy, eZ style normally denies the enemy the chance to be better at team-fights. Their strategy has already been proved successful: eZ style is Team USA, champions of the last MYM Prime Nations. Even if they're missing Fear and Demon, what they're not missing is the marvelous team-work and the strategy so successfully used against Team Russia, Team Ukraine and almost every team they faced at ROCCAT DotA Gosucup. Notes: • Strong mid and late game • Excellent chemistry • Superior team-fight setup Key heroes: • Earthshaker • Enigma • Ancient Apparition • Nerubian Weaver
Early GameMid GameLate Game
The objective of eZ style's early game is to accumulate as much experience and gold as possible. To do so, they run different lanings, like roaming one hero or even dual jungling, maximizing the experience and gold earned. They play safely here, accumulating gold and defending their towers. With the team-fight possibilities of their line-up, eZ style can easily run a 4-1 game. By this stage, at least one of their heroes is able to initiate fights with Dagger, allowing them to win team-fights or at least exchange heroes, giving freedom for their carry to farm. By this stage they go after the enemy towers, hoping to force team-fights in order to abuse their potential for big team-fights. This gives them the option of going to Roshan: if the enemy decides to contests it, they have a chance to use their team-fight abilities; if the enemy don't contest it, eZ style will have Aegis and the advantage. If the game requires, eZ style has the heroes to turtle up and get stronger. The deadly team-fight setup practically transforms any mistake from the enemy into a death-sentence, allowing them to quickly profit by pushing the entire enemy base down.
Map ControlTeamfightsFarm Distribution
The constant roaming and jungling allows eZ style to keep their heroes hidden in the fog of war, denying map control from the enemy. Also, they are very fond of globally present heroes. This way, they can keep a decent map control and set their fights up. The team-fight is the core and soul of eZ style. They're very strong in 5v5 situations, where all the heroes are together and able to unleash all their AoE disables and damage. By having such dominant team-fight lineup, eZ style almost makes sure that the enemy will not have a better team-fight setup, giving them an edge at 5v5 situations. Thanks to the junglers, they're able to optimize the distribution of their overall farm. Their carry farms the most, while the other heroes stays farming until they get the items they need to engage in team-fights.
uE at ROCCAT DotA GosuCup 4 playoffs
Peru PDI Brazil uE Brazil uE Peru PDI
Lanes Lanes
Sentinel Batrider PDI.mstco (Mid) Windrunner PDI.GosuRay (Top) Lich PDI.Draken (Bot) Obsidian Destroyer PDI.kay (Bot) Lycanthrope pdi.beel^ (Bot) Sentinel Prophet domy (Roaming) Clockwerk esaa- (Bot) Anti-Mage tellmeyourwish. (Mid) Venomancer FiREG.4Dr (Bot) Lich itsPEKEtime! (Mid)
Scourge Earthshaker domy (Roaming) Night Stalker FiREG.4Dr (Mid) Priestess of the Moon esaa- (Top) Nerubian Weaver tellmeyourwish. (Bot) Holy Knight itsPEKEtime! (Roaming) Scourge Crystal Maiden PDI.GosuRay (Roaming) Night Stalker pdi.beel^ (Top) Windrunner PDI.kay (Bot) Vengeful Spirit PDI.Draken (Top) Beastmaster PDI.mstco (Mid)
Length: 64:38 Replay Length: 42:25 Replay
Peru A51 Brazil uE United States WF Brazil uE Argentina Quash Brazil uE
Lanes Lanes Lanes
Sentinel Shadow Demon A51.Kloud<3 (Top) Earthshaker A51.Hadesama (Roaming) Windrunner A51.Marengo (Mid) Nerubian Weaver A51.ZndeRsteel- (Top) Sand King A51.ivansitO.o (Top) Sentinel Undying mootatE (Top) Earthshaker Cinna) (Jungle) Nerubian Weaver ryuuboruz (Bot) Crystal Maiden Fun. (Top) Night Stalker MuFaSa) (Mid) Sentinel Holy Knight GoatseMarathon (Jungle) Tidehunter enbj (Jungle) Batrider NotAlone (Bot) Clockwerk woodynator (Mid) Anti-Mage Nudillos (Roaming)
Scourge Beastmaster domy (Jungle) Anti-Mage brTTisOnFIREg (Top) Broodmother esaa- (Bot) Demon Witch fireg.4dr (Mid) Lich pekeTHEpeke (Top) Scourge Venomancer domy (Top) Windrunner esaa- (Bot) Beastmaster fireg.4dr (Mid) Lich Dias- (Bot) Lycanthrope brTTisOnFIREg (Jungle) Scourge Enchantress domy (Jungle) Beastmaster FIREg.4dr (Mid) Crystal Maiden LekUltraLove (Jungle) Windrunner esaa- (Top) Broodmother brTTisOnFIREg (Bot)
Length: 64:38 Replay Length: 20:12 Replay Length: 27:16 Replay
Overall Strategy
The brazillian squad uE understands the importance of late-game, building their entire game to ensure that they'll be strong in that stage. With this in mind, they can run different plans, from setting a dual lane on mid to make sure the hard-carry will get his farm, or even using carries with potential to push towers and adquire tower advantage. Even their support choices are the ones that perform better on late-game. By playing solidly on the early game and ganking surgically on the mid-game, they're able to disallow the enemy carry to be strong and allow their carry to grow strong and win the game. But even with this mindset, they can play a lot of heroes, and even use these heroes in unorthodox roles, making them quite unpredictable. Notes: • Emphasis on late-game. • Unpredictable. Key heroes: • Beastmaster • Earthshaker • Broodmother • Anti-Mage • Lich
Early GameMid GameLate Game
Because uE's focus on the late-game, the objective of the early game is to make sure their heroes will get the farm and experience. They do it by jungling heroes, allowing the team to profit the most. But, if they feel that they desperately need to make sure they'll have the farm, they can run a very safe dual lane on mid, which overprotects the carry and allows him maximal farm on the early game. In the mid-game, uE manuever their heroes in order to give freedom for their carry to farm. With this in mind, they run 4-1 all around the map, threatening towers and forcing the opponent to defend it or even forcing team-fights, granting their carry the space for farming. Their objective here is not to win the team-fights by getting favorable exchanges, but to buy time for the carry. So, even if they eventually lose a fight, they're not lost because their carry will be free-farming meanwhile. By this stage, their carry will be super-farmed and ready to win the game. uE's choice of late-game supporters make their carry even stronger on this stage. At this point they try to get favorable exchanges either to push the base or even claim the Aegis
Map ControlTeamfightsFarm Distribution
With smart warding, uE tries to maximize their lane control in order to protect the carry, or even using the wards to deny the creep pulling, denying the enemy precious experience and gold. The whole purpose of their warding is to assure that the carry will have a very safe lane to farm. uE constantly engages into fights in order to give freefarm for their carry. They always get decent AoE potential, making it very hard for them to entirely lose a battle - even if they do lose three heroes in a fight, they'll kill some of the enemy heroes in the process, buying even more time for their carry. They also constantly pressure towers to force the opponent heroes away from the carry. Understanding the current meta-game, uE uses the jungle to maximize the experience and farm. That way, the carry can have all the creeps for himself while the other heroes get a decent amount of gold. As soon the heroes get their basic heroes, they start running together putting pressure on the enemy, while the carry keeps farming.
70 % 30
October 30th 23.59 CET
GosuBet Comments
Our estimate is that mostly South American betters will place their tangos into uE due to them being more known and familiar there. The rest of the world probably aren't as familiar with the team and will hence be more alured into ez which got some American all-stars in their roster. With that said, we believe the actual match to be less predictable.



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