Pre-Match Analysis: CC vs. Panzer

Posted by Bruno "shostakovich" Tomaz at 21 October 2011 09:05

The winner of group C faces the winner of group D. The remnants of the former and legendary MYM, are now playing under the name "Creamy Center" and are using individual mystery nicknames. But there's no mystery when it comes to their game. 

Showing a strong performance, they beat the Russians in FiveStars to reach the quarter-finals. On the other side of the river, the Germans in PANZER, who performed really well at ICS, faced Emocore in the 1/8 finals, winning by a close 2-1, showing a lot of resilience. Both teams have been showing impressive play recently and it'll be interesting to see how they will face up with each other.

CC at ROCCAT DotA GosuCup 4 playoffs
Russia FiveStars Europe CC Europe CC Russia FiveStars
Lanes Lanes
Sentinel Centaur Warchief senya_is_banka (Bot) Lich BobriQ- (Bot) Clockwerk JerryQ (Top) Omniknight TOM]VERBLUD (Bot) Windrunner kirushavrn- (Mid) Sentinel Tinker lolsingapore (Bot) Earthshaker JJ.Darmody (Bot) Clockwerk GrasshopperXYZ (Top) Holy Knight SevenTeenSeVen (Bot) Priestess of the Moon FMercury (Mid)
Scourge Holy Knight lolsingapore (Jungle) Crystal Maiden JJ.Darmody (Bot) Broodmother GrasshopperXYZ (Top) Enigma SevenTeenSeVen (Jungle) Prophet FMercury (Mid) Scourge Naga Siren kirushavrn- (Top) Vengeful Spirit TOM]VERBLUD (Mid) Lich JerryQ (Bot) Ancient Apparition BobriQ- (Mid) Venomancer craNich (Jungle)
Length: 35:21 Replay Length: 37:22 Replay
CC's Collective Games
Overall Strategy
Born from the ashes of the old MYM squad, CC are currently showing a very good level of performance in the ROCCAT DotA GosuCup 4. Looking at their series of games against FiveStars, we can notice their choice to not play with hard carries (they chose to ban them), opting to play very mid-game oriented games instead, with intense use of jungle heroes in order to maximize their experience gain. The option for globally present heroes is also worth a notice. Notes: • No hard-carries • Global presence heroes • Strong mid-game • Jungle • Overall versatility Key heroes: • Earthshaker • Furion • Priestess of the Moon • Chen
Early GameMid GameLate Game
CC's early-game objective is to maximize the experience and gold gain. For this reason, they don't play aggressively in the early stage of the game, because dying or getting forced to return to the fountain works against their plan. With jungle heroes and creep pulling, they're able to put psychological pressure on the enemy, as there's always two heroes hidden in the fog, and maximize the XP gain. They even run a dual jungle in order to further increase the experience gain. Even with the mindset of playing safe, CC can still use their heroes to take towers early, run dual roaming strategies or even dive the enemy jungle to deny the creep-pulling and exchange heroes, showing great overall versatility. If CC decides to not be aggressive in the early game, the mid-game is where they will unleash their strength. With the experience and farm acquired in the early-game, CC is able to gank and push the lanes. Heroes like Furion and Tinker, allow CC to be everywhere on the map, starting ganks and taking towers. Taking out the towers, they can ward the enemy jungle and completely control the map, forcing the enemy to play carefully, leaving a lot of space for CC heroes to farm and get even stronger. This is the most important stage of CC's game. CC's late-game is dependant on their mid-game. If they're able to control the game, their semi-carries will be farmed enough to endure the late-game. Ii's noteworthy that they always ban Spectre and other famous hard-carries. However, their option of focusing on the mid-game will not keep them from picking hard-carries, as we saw Nerubian Weaver being used in the group stage.
Map ControlTeamfightsFarm Distribution
Being very experienced, CC is strong in having map-control and denying map-control. These two elements are the foundation of their mid-game domination. Firstly, by keeping some heroes in hiding (jungling or pulling creeps), they force the enemy to be careful, because they'll never know when these heroes are going for ganks or counter-ganks, effectively denying control. Secondly, whith running heroes like Clockwork Goblin, Furion and Tinker, they can be everywhere, heavily threatening the opponent. Always running Chen and heroes like Enigma and Earthshaker, CC has a lot of team-fight potential, and thus they actively seek it at the mid-game. The most important thing, however, is that they really minimize the mistakes they commit, being able to immediately profit from any successful fight. Thanks to the junglers, they're able to optimize the distribution of their overall farm. They're even able to divide all the farm between four heroes, allowing all of them to contribute to the push, while running a full-support hero that doesn't need farm to be useful.
PANZER at ROCCAT DotA GosuCup 4 playoffs
Sweden EMC Germany PANZER Germany PANZER Sweden EMC Sweden EMC Germany PANZER
Lanes Lanes Lanes
Sentinel Windrunner WagamamaW (Top) Venomancer Hampemini (Bot) Ancient Apparition enter.god.mode (Mid) Earthshaker EMC.Reesion (Top) Lightning Revenant panterspot (Bot) Sentinel Earthshaker PANZERREINHARDT (Mid) Priestess of the Moon PANZERLEAF (Top) Batrider PANZERRMN (Mid) Vengeful Spirit PANZERJIMARAS (Mid) Lycanthrope $$$$$$$$$$$$$ (Bot) Sentinel Nerubian Weaver enter.god.mode (Top) Prophet Hampemini (Mid) Queen of Pain WagamamaW (Bot) Priestess of the Moon EMC.Reesion (Jungle) Enigma panterspot (Jungle)
Scourge Omniknight PANZERREINHARDT (Top) Batrider PANZERRMN (Mid) Faerie Dragon PANZERLEAF (Bot) Broodmother $$$$$$$$$$$$$ (Top) Vengeful Spirit PANZERJIMARAS (Top) Scourge Anti-Mage panterspot (Mid) Necro'lic enter.god.mode (Bot) Undying Hampemini (Bot) Windrunner EMC.Reesion (Top) Crystal Maiden WagamamaW (Mid) Scourge Storm Spirit PANZERRMN (Top) Invoker $$$$$$$$$$$$$ (Mid) Warlock PANZERREINHARDT (Bot) Lycanthrope PANZERLEAF (Jungle) Vengeful Spirit PANZERJIMARAS (Jungle)
Length: 58:34 Replay Length: 46:28 Replay Length: 58:42 Replay
PANZER's Collective Games
Overall Strategy
The German team PANZER, had to win fierce battles to reach the quarter-finals. In their arsenal, we see that they value versatility, opting for carries with potential to push (Broodmother, Lycanthrope) or one that gives you an edge in team-fights (Faceless Void), enabling them a lot of strategical and tactical options inside the game, like mid-game pushes, successful tower exchanges and killing Roshan quickly. Mostly, it grants them the possibility of getting tower advantage, leading to a successful late-game. PANZER abuses the jungle and creep pulling to maximize the experience and gold gain. If the hard-carry is not powerful enough, Vengeful Spirit will be around to protect him with Swap and empower him with Command Aura. PANZER is even able to do some crazy things in game to make their strategy work. Notes: • Versatile carries • Emphasis on mid-game • Craziness Key heroes: • Storm Spirit • Lycanthrope • Faceless Void • Vengeful Spirit • Batrider
Early GameMid GameLate Game
In this stage, PANZER uses the jungle and creep pulling to maximize the experience gain for everyone, avoiding early aggression. We can also see some craziness coming from PANZER, like sacrificing an entire lane to shut down the opponent's carry. It's a very bold decision to take, showing that they're ballers. The mid game is the most important stage for PANZER. At this time, their most important heroes, especially the solos. have the items they need to take fights, and their carry allows them tons of tactical options, opening possibilities of quick trade towers with the enemy and killing Roshan really fast, which gives them an edge. This allows them not only the Aegis, but the option of baiting the enemy into a team-fight in an unfavorable position. PANZER is ensured to have a strong late-game with their combination of late-game heroes with late-game supporters. They also add heroes to the pool that are strong at initiating even in the late game, like Batrider and Storm Spirit, using this combination of heroes to control the Roshan area.
Map ControlTeamfightsFarm Distribution
The option of killing Roshan very fast puts a lot of pressure on the enemy, forcing them to always be aware of this possibility. This allows PANZER to control where the opponent will be in certain stages of the game, allowing them to dictate the actions. Looking into the team-fights, we can see that they try to bait the enemy into fighting on unfavorable positions, profiting from it. They favor initiators and often run heroes with AoE disables, ensuring them a good team-fight set up. The jungle and creep pulling allows PANZER to have their necessary farm, with the supports grabbing only the necessary, while leaving everything else for the carries, granting them optimal farm distribution.
72 % 28
October 30th - 19.00 CET
GosuBet Comments
The key fact here is whether the betters have realized who the guys in CC actually are, but they seem to get more updated as time goes by, hence as much as 72% would be considered realistic. However, PANZER performed really well when they played with KuroKy in ICS and they have been doing good on their own recently. I would still say the names (well, not their handles, but their actual identities) of ex-MYM will attract more tangos.



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