Copenhagen Games 2017 - Talent line-up revealed

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The organizers have announced the talent lineup for Copenhagen Games 2017, featuring seven individuals.

This year's iteration of Copenhagen Games will kick-off on April 12th and will last seven days. Both professional and amateur teams will be present in Danish capital of Copenhagen to fight for $12,000. As the event approaches, the organizers have revealed the talent line-up for the event.

There will be five casters, a desk host and an observer at Copenhagen Games 2017. Simen "warclown" Eriksen will be hosting, the casters line-up consists of Vince "metuz" Hill, Joona "natu" Leppänen, Niels "rizc" Topz, Tom "Tombizz14" Bissmire and Hugo Byron. Finally, Jordan Johnson will act as an observer, improving the viewing experience.

Teams such as Germany ALTERNATE aTTaX, Germany BIG, Poland PRIDE, Denmark Tricked, France Vexed and Turkey Space Academy are already confirmed for Copenhagen Games 2017. However, there is no information available regarding whether these teams are invited for the main event or have to qualify through open qualifiers.

The seven-men talent line-up for Copenhagen Games:

Norway Simen "warclown" Eriksen (desk host)

United Kingdom Vince "metuz" Hill (caster)
Finland Joona "natu" Leppänen (caster)
Denmark Niels "rizc" Topp (caster)
United Kingdom Tom "Tombizz14" Bissmire (caster)
United Kingdom Hugo Byron (caster)

United Kingdom Jordan Johnson (observer)

Image courtesy of Copenhagen Games


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