Rogue win ESEA Season 23 Global Challenge over LDLC

Posted by Daniel "drowe" Rowe at 11 January 2017 15:30

Images courtesy of Rogue Twitter

After a grueling three-day battle at the ESL Studios in Burbank, California, Rogue remained standing as the smoke cleared, to be crowned champions of the ESEA Season 23 Global Challenge.

The final day of competition saw the newly minted Australian powerhouse Tainted Minds go head to head with LDLC in a best of three semi-final series, beginning on Train. The first matchup was dominated by LDLC’s Antoine “to1nou” Pirard, whose impressive play helped take the 16-8 victory over Tainted Minds.

The two teams went at it again on Overpass, which was selected by LDLC during the map veto process. Tainted Minds came out of the gate with force, as they took the first half 11-4, but unfortunately, it was just not enough. The favored French juggernauts were able to turn things around and take the map 16-14, and the series 2-0. With Tainted Minds eliminated, LDLC secured themselves a spot in the grand final.

With one semi-final down, only two teams remained in position to fight for the last spot in the grand final, both of which were favorites going into the tournament; Rogue and Kinguin. The series kicked off on Mirage, where Rogue took a 9-6 lead on the Terrorist side. Rogue’s momentum carried on into the second half, as they took pistol round, which ultimately propelled them into a 16-12 victory on map one.

Rogue and Kinguin continued their battle on Overpass for map two, where Kinguin started off the match with a nice pistol round effort to get themselves on the board. Kinguin’s success, however, was brief, as Rogue’s dominant play continued, and limited the Polish ensemble into only 5 rounds on the Terrorist side; leaving them down 5-10 at the half. Rogue continued along its path of destruction in the second half as they polished Kinguin off for a 16-9 victory, and the opportunity to go up against LDLC in the grand final.

After a long day of competition, only two teams were left standing and ready to duke it out for the title, and illustrious cash prize. Rogue and LDLC had already gone up against each other during the group stage of the event, where LDLC had taken the victory. The grand final, however, would turn out to be a different story. Rogue opened up the series with a dominant 16-2 map one victory over LDLC, who were favored on Dust2.

On their heels and facing elimination, LDLC made things interesting on Train. After being down 12-4, the French squad took 9 straight rounds in a row from Rogue, and a 13-12 lead in the match. The competition intensified over the last few rounds, resulting in a tie, and two teams heading into overtime.

The round trading continued throughout the first overtime, leading to another tie at 18-18. Rogue, however, took charge in the second overtime, shutting out LDLC 4-0 to secure the 22-18 grand finals victory, and their share of $18,000 from the $50,000 prize pool.



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