StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 2 - Day One: Group D

CS:GO Aleksei “Aleksei.L” Louchnikov

VG.Cyberzen and Cloud9 advance to the winners' bracket of group D, whilst Virtus.pro and Team EnVyUs are to face each other in the losers' bracket.

Some interesting results were seen in yesterdays and todays matches of group D, where we saw Cloud9 beat Team EnVyUs and VG.Cyberzen upset Virtus.pro. The two Chinese contestants invited to the event managed to defeat some of the finest CS:GO teams in the world, creating various different questions regarding respective performances. It could be fluke, or alternatively it could be the era of Chinese CS:GO. We invite you to read the overview of yesterday's match of Cloud9 vs. Team EnVyUs and today's match between VG.Cyberzen and Virtus.pro.

United States Cloud9 vs. France Team EnVyUs
WinnerUnited States Cloud9 11:4, 5:4 (16:8)
Map: de_Cobblestone 
MVP: United States Jake "Stewie2k" Yip

Cloud9 kick off on the T side of Cobble, where the team demonstrated both incredible individual and team play. Coordinated assaults on bombsites allowed the Americans to amass a serious lead going into the second half of the map. Prior to switching over to the CT side of Cobble, Cloud9 were able to effectively secure and defend bombsites from the CTs, resulting in a strong 11:4 finish come half time.

Team EnVyUs seemed broken after an upsetting initial half, however did put up a fight during the second half. The team was able to secure a total of four rounds, however the running deficit was simply too great to deal with, landing Cloud9 the map and the series at a rather disappointing 16:8 score.

China VG.Cyberzen vs. Poland Virtus.pro
China VG.Cyberzen 8:7, 8:0 (16:7)
Map: de_Mirage
MVP: China WeiJie "zhokiNg" Zhong

A rather extraordinary performance from the Chinese roster, where they were able to defeat the veteran roster of Virtus.pro. This was no mean feat irrespective of the opponents' current form, for which VG.Cyberzen were rewarded with a ticket to the winners' bracket of group D. The initial half of the match was very close, with both teams grinding out rounds to the fullest. The Chinese roster was able to secure a stellar T side performance, where they accumulated some very important rounds going into the second half. The first half finalised at 8:7 in favour of VG.

What ensued was absolutely ridiculous as Virtus.pro seemed to have completely lost the ball. VG.Cyberzen were apparently impenetrable, with astonishing defences on bombsites, leaving the scoreboard uncompromised. The Chinese team secured the match with an astonishing 16:7 score, moving on to face Cloud9 in the winners' bracket of group D.

Headline image courtesy of StarLadder Flickr


Who will secure the winners' bracket of group D?

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Thank you for voting!
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