$50k Intivational in France announced

CS:GO Fabio “f4nz0” Schlößer Vila

The French streaming newcomer OGamingTV has announced a tournament called the "Red Dot Invitational".

Prior to the actual event, a closed qualifier will take place that will decide over the two teams that are going to recieve an invitation, alongside with six directly invited teams. This qualifier will be held from November 15-23 with a double-elimination and best-of-three matches for the top two of each group.

The quarter-finals will happen online, after that the semi- and grand-finals will take place in a renowned theatre in Paris on January 12.

Additionally, OGamingTV has reached out to Starladder to avoid any conflictions with SL i-League finals that will be happening around the same time.

The first four teams to be invited have been announced.

France  Team EnVyUs Denmark  Team SoloMid
France  Titan Denmark  dignitas



  • Eliot "yot" Carter ,
    French streaming Newcomer? O'Gaming has been around for longer than most -- they're by no means new -- they're around since twitch was still Justin. They were the main focal point of larger tournaments that were held in France in the past. Getting to know what you're talking about before writing an article... that's what you ought to be doing.


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